Meet the team: Carl Rooney, Service Desk Support Analyst

Published on 6 September 2016

Meet the team - Carl Rooney

What’s the role of the Service Desk at the University?

We’re the first point of contact for staff and students. Essentially if you have a problem, question or need help with IT we’re the ones to get in touch with. 

What are the top things that users want help with?

Everyone wants Wi-Fi so we get lots of questions about that and for students and staff poster printing is a big one. Other than that it could be anything from Liverpool Life to specialist subject software that people need help with.

How much face to face contact do you have with users?

As a team it’s daily. Monday to Friday we’re in the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen libraries and at Brownlow Hill. We take it in turns to staff the Service Desks and we also run laptop and mobile device clinics where we’ll help you get everything set up. 

What other activities are you and your team involved in?

We hold pop-up sessions at the Guild and in parts of the University that are further away from our Service Desks like the Leahurst campus. We have stands at staff and student events and we’re heavily involved in Welcome Week, helping new students get started. 

How long have you worked on the Service Desk for? What did you do before that?

I joined in December 2015, so about 6 months. Before I started working at the University I worked for Peel Ports. It was a similar IT support role – not as many users, but we did get calls from all over the world, including people needing help on ships in the middle of the ocean!

What do you like most about your job?

I like working in education and it’s great helping a diverse range of people, from an 18 year old student to an 80 year old honorary professor.

If you could give new students one IT tip what would it be?

Download the free antivirus software for all your devices and check out the security advice on the CSD website – keep yourself and your work safe!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

Outside of work I’m a football referee. I ref open age matches across the North West and am an assistant referee for semi-professional matches.

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