Tools to help with revision

Published on 9 May 2016

With exams just around the corner, we understand that you may be feeling the pressure. There are some tools that we provide that can help you to manage your revision. We'll give them a run through here:

PC FinderPC Finder

The Libraries can get really busy during the revision period. There are plenty of PCs you can use across campus if you do need a computer for your revision and while there are lots in the Library there are also many more in other buildings. Our award-winning PC Finder tool can help you to locate them without the need to trek around campus or wander around the libraries wasting precious time.

PC Finder can help you to find a computer with specific subject software, too, and adjacent PCs if you want to revise with a friend.

The Harrison Hughes Teaching Centre is now also open until 9:30pm over the next 6 weeks.

PC Finder is available online at and there's now an app for iPhone and iPad.


You'll be able to find many of your lecture notes along with Stream Capture recordings of lectures (where available) in VITAL to help you with your revision.

We've been working hard to make sure VITAL is running well. Did you know that VITAL is now powered by 6 servers?  Each of these servers has 32GB of RAM and 24 server cores dedicated to them to make sure the system is available for you to use when you need it.

That can also be when you're on the move: the Blackboard Mobile Learn app can be used to access VITAL from any mobile device. Download the app via our website.

We've seen over 3,500 Turnitin assignments created, over 1,300 online tests taking place, and over 65,000 documents submitted for this year's modules. Last month there were just short of 26,000 of you logged in to VITAL – you're all very, very busy!

Apps Anywhere

You can use specialist subject software on your own PC, laptop or tablet by using Apps Anywhere.

Apps Anywhere can be useful if you can't find (or don't want to use) a PC on campus, or if you want to run Windows software on your Apple Mac. If you need to access revision notes – or any other files on your M: drive – you can also use Apps Anywhere to do this (via Utilities > Windows Explorer).

internet-printing-iphonePrint Anywhere If you're in the library (or anywhere else on campus) using your own laptop, did you know you can print to the main campus printers?

Print Anywhere can be used to send documents to print either using the web portal at or by emailing the file as an attachment to (for black and white) or (for colour). You can then release your document from the printer as normal.

DatAnywhere logoDatAnywhere

You should be using your M: drive to save your files so they're safe and sound and backed up regularly but did you know that another reason is that you can access your M: drive on any device and even share files with others? If you use Dropbox, you may not realise that we offer a secure, entirely free, University alternative known as DatAnywhere.

Whether you are using a PC, laptop, Apple Mac, or even mobile or tablet with the dedicated mobile app, you can use DatAnywhere to access and share files on your M: drive (or any other network drive that you're able to access). No need to worry about file sizes when you use DatAnywhere, either.

So, if you ever need to access your revision notes on the move then DatAnywhere can come in very handy: get started by visiting the DatAnywhere webpages to learn more or log in to access and share your files right away.