The Day XP Died

Published on 11 April 2014

Farewell XP

It's been on the cards now for over a year but Microsoft finally retired Windows XP on Wednesday 8th April, 2014, this week - at the grand old age of 12. Also at the end of it's life, and going more quietly, is Microsoft Office 2003. The operating system and Office 2003 suite will no longer be supported by Microsoft and, as a result, there won't be any further patches or security updates. 

How to upgrade a PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the Management Network Service (MWS)

It's crucial that all PCs connected to the University's network are upgraded to Windows 7 to ensure that systems remain secure, and supported. This includes PCs which are for general or shared use, such as hotdesks and those in meeting rooms.

There are six steps to upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the Managed Windows Service (MWS):

  1. 1. First, check that your PC is capable of running MWS Windows 7;
  2. 2. Check that the software you use is compatible with Windows 7;
  3. 3. Check that the printers and devices you use are compatible with MWS Windows 7;
  4. 4. Back-up your data;
  5. 5. Install Windows 7;
  6. 6. Install any additional software, printers and devices.

Staff can either perform the upgrade themselves or request that a CSD Technician performs the upgrade by contacting the CSD Helpdesk. Technicians will need from you:

  1. 1. The Asset number/blue sticker number on the PC that requires the upgrade
  2. 2. The location details (including room number) where the PC is situated.

The Windows 7 version of the MWS comes with Office 2010 pre-installed. To find out more, visit our Office 2010 webpage.

Local software installations

Software installed by local departments which is not supported by CSD, and which is incompatible with Windows 7, will need to be updated or an alternative will need to be found. Staff should contact software suppliers in the first instance to see if an alternate/updated version is available. The CSD Helpdesk will provide assistance with this if required.

And a final cautionary note...

In the event that a computer running Windows XP is compromised, Computing Services may act to protect the University network by disconnecting that computer.

Want to know more or share your thoughts?

For further advice and support visit our Windows 7 web pages or contact the Computing Services Helpdesk.

And, if you want to reminisce and share your fond memories of XP, why not send us a tweet @liverpoolcsd?