Easing the pressure on PC seats in the Library

Published on 17 January 2014

We know students like to use the PCs in the main Library buildings. At busy times it can be a struggle to find one that is available - very stressful when it is exam time or you are approaching the deadline to submit your assignment.

We and the Library have been working hard to try to improve the situation. We have increased the number of PCs available in both Libraries but also brought in some new services to help.

pc finder on iphonePC Finder - There are hundreds of PCs across campus that can be used provided the centre hasn't been booked. Our improved "PC Finder" means that you can use your mobile to quickly see where there are free PCs nearby. The system uses the location service on your phone to locate your geographic position and shows you the nearest centres with free seats, how many PCs are available and for how long.

Printing - You can now print A4 documents to the University Ricoh printers from your own laptop. There are two options - email or web - either send the file as an email attachment or, if you need a few more features, use the web version and upload your document. You can then release your print from the Ricoh printer as normal. Either route only supports printing to A4 at the moment.

Speed Stations - if you only need to quickly check and email or website or print a file, use one of the speed stations. They are made to start up and run faster than standard MWS PCs. You can find speed stations in CTL and the Rendall Building.

If you have more ideas of how we could make a difference for you, please let us know - contact the Helpdesk or post a tweet to us @liverpoolcsd.