In praise of - Apps Anywhere

Published on 4 June 2013

For those of you who already know and use Apps Anywhere I really don't need to say another word - but for the uninitiated then I really do urge you to take a moment to consider how useful this service is. It's not got the snappiest of names but as its previous name was the Windows Terminal Service you can tell it's all relative.

When you have a moment, open a browser of choice on your desk computer or your laptop (on or off campus) and navigate to Why? Apps Anywhere has so many things to commend it but probably one of the most useful and dare I suggest lifesaving feature is that you can access your M: drive (or any other network drive) from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection - no more saving files onto a dvd or to usb sticks and all the nightmares that can ensue with damage or loss or version control.

Up there with having access to your M: drive from anywhere is being able to use the software you normally use on the MWS on your home computer or your laptop without having to install (or pay for) the software itself - oh joy. You can open a document in Word 2010 on Apps Anywhere or use any of the other software and save your work back to your M: drive and not have to worry about software compatability or purchasing a software licence for your own computer.

All you need is a browser and internet connection so whether you use a PC  a Mac or a laptop..... you can run Apps Anywhere.

What's not to love?