Revision provision

Published on 22 May 2018

Summer may be on its way, but you've got to get through these exams first. Here are some tools to help you with that.


PC FinderPC Finder

The campus is full of PCs for your revision needs, and they're not all crammed in the libraries. Our (award-winning) PC Finder tool can help you find your perfect revision spot – and helps you avoid wasting time wandering aimlessly or trekking across campus. 

PC Finder is available online at and there's an app for iPhone and iPad.

Apps Anywhere

Don't fancy a trip to campus? You can use specialist subject software on your own PC, laptop or tablet by using Apps Anywhere.

Apps Anywhere can also be useful if you want to run Windows software on your Apple Mac. If you need to access revision notes – or any other files on your M: drive – you can also use Apps Anywhere to do this (via Utilities > Windows Explorer).

internet-printing-iphonePrint Anywhere

If you're more of a pen-and-paper kind of exam prepper, we've got your covered: Print files from your own laptop, tablet or mobile on Uni printers with Print Anywhere.

Print Anywhere can be used to send documents to print either using the web portal at or by emailing the file as an attachment to (for black and white) or (for colour). You can then release your document from the printer as normal.

Service Desk

Exam time is laden with stress, we get that. So if you're having trouble with any University programmes or devices, instead of banging your head against a wall, get in touch with the Service Desk for assistance. We're available 24/7.