eJoy of Cooking

We know that history shapes our homes. Wherever we live, and even if we're not conscious of it, the past is always a presence. Whose History? is a project dedicated to exploring these ideas, concentrating on the area of the South Campus of the University of Liverpool. But we did not want this project only to look back. We wanted to think about the city, and the university, in the present.

eJoy of Cooking was devised in part to do that. Where the other films in Whose History? consider historical figures, or Liverpool’s recent past, in this film our focus is on the contemporary experience of students at the university today. Through their words we take different journeys, which are brought to life through Sam Butterworth’s brilliant animation, and Eric Lybeck's vivid images of Liverpool and its food cultures. eJoy Asian Foods on Myrtle Parade, just a stone's throw from the campus, was an inspiring starting point.