Inspired by an Irish Famine Trail memorial plaque on Mulberry Street, which marks the resting place of these 2600 people, this film is almost entirely wordless.

In a unique gathering, the 26 participants in 2600 – who include members of the university, and of the wider community in the city and Irish networks in Liverpool and across the North West – each perform a silent act of remembrance at the site of what was once a paupers’ grave, now covered by student accommodation.

There are many stories of individual experiences, and great personal tragedies, among the Irish community which grew rapidly in Liverpool in the years of and immediately after the Great Famine of the 1840s. But faced with a site that was the resting place of so many, recovering a single story as ‘representative’ did not seem appropriate. In 2600, therefore, the filmmakers strive to ensure that all are remembered.