William Purvis

Postgraduate Research Student



William has a 1st Class BA in International Politics and Conflict studies from Queen's University Belfast and has achieved the David Mullholland Prize for best Undergraduate dissertation. 

Outside of his studies, William offers advice as a political consultant, works with the Green Party in Northern Ireland and has worked in Mexico teaching English for one year. Currently, William works part-time for a community arts company.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Community-based resistance to drug trafficking organisations in Ireland and Mexico."

In recent years, Mexico and Ireland have both witnessed the birth of localised resistance to criminal groups by non-state actors. Responses range from community-led protests and marches to armed struggle and vigilante justice. This comparative study looks at the failure of state-led structural responses to violent crime, how and why communities coalesce for the purpose of resistance, and the effects on the drug trade. In examining local knowledge of the contested social order in these communities we can start to re-assemble approaches to power that are reflective not on the episodes of violent crime but a more nuanced understanding of the merit of resistance and its more precise and immediate understanding of those problems.  

Research Group Membership

Centre for Security and Conflict

Research Funding

Institute of Irish Studies