Rebecca Boast

Postgraduate Research Student


Rebecca has a BA in History and Criminology from the University of Liverpool.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

“Stigma in the Irish Abortion Debate: An Exploration of Shaming, Rhetoric and the Rights of the Irish Female.”
Rebecca's project examines the ongoing discussion of abortion in the Isle of Ireland. As this discursive ‘battle’ and its players continue to debate their respective ideological ‘truths’, women from Ireland travel every day to seek abortion services outside of their country of residence. This journey to complete the task ahead of them is one that is fraught with financial cost, emotional cost and perhaps less obviously, shame. There is an inherent shaming that takes place when a woman undergoes an abortion. This shame that is thrust upon these women shapes the experiences that these women have when undergoing a medical procedure. With the Irish Referendum coming quickly in 2018, the topic is perhaps now more relevant than in recent years. The project will use hallmark pieces of legislation to frame the timeline; looking back on what has brought us to this point while also being able to look towards the future, post-referendum in Ireland. 
Rebecca's research focuses on Northern Irish society, the formation of social norms and Female reproductive rights.

Research Funding

Student Loans Company