Dean Farquhar

Postgraduate Research Student


Dean has a BA and MA both from the University of Liverpool. Dean is also a residential adviser for the University accommodation team.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Youth and Democracy: A Post-Conflict case study."

Analysis of the 2015 Northern Ireland General Election Survey revealed that younger people were not only significantly less likely to vote than older people, but also likely to hold divergent attitudes on a number of salient political issues, such as equal marriage, abortion and Brexit. Why do young people have different views to older people on such issues? What reasons do they have for abstaining to vote? What makes one young person less likely to vote than another? Has youth voting behaviour been influenced by recent political developments? Does youth abstention present a long term threat to the democratic legitimacy of the institutions established by the peace process? This research project sets out to address these questions. The Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool has also provided a fees scholarship to support this endeavour.  

Dean's wider research interests include Northern Ireland's political history and Ian Paisley's political career.

Research Centre Membership

Centre for Security and Conflict

Research Funding

Institute of Irish Studies