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Since 2009, the University of Liverpool has had a strategic partnership with the University of Georgia, Athens (UGA) Over the years this has strenghthend considerably with a number of programmes in places to support staff and student mobility across the three Faculties.

Details of the programmes are listed below:

Staff Mobility Programmes



UoL-UGA Faculty Research Exchange

Faculty Research Exchange UGA UoL 18-19

This initiative is sponsored at UGA by the Office of International Education, and at the University of Liverpool by the International Development Office. The purpose of the exchange is to facilitate collaborations between the institutions that will result in additional external funding and the generation of high quality scholarly output.

Franklin International Faculty Exchange (FIFE) 


Staff exchange for 1 week on a bilateral basis with a counterpart from UGA. 

UoL- UGA Research Pump Priming Programme 

Currently not available, further details to follow

The development of a university-wide pump priming scheme to catalyse research collaborations allowed colleagues from across UoL to access seed grant funds to develop new links with the longer

Franklin Morris International Scholars Programme

A member of UoL academic staff spends 4 weeks at UGA and delivers a summer school class.  There is also the opportunity for 1 member of UoL staff to teach at UGA over summer. Past participants in this scheme have gained significantly from the experience.

Student Mobility Programme

1. To support a short term exchange of PGR students (3-5 PGR students on both sides participate each year).  

2. A small number of undergraduate students are exchange each year in an agreement managed by the Study Abroad Team; Discussions are taking place to develop further opportunities for Liverpool students to spend time at UGA (shorter placements/ summer opportunities etc.)

Student Exchange



UGA Franklin College-University of Liverpool

Doctoral Student Short-Term International Research Fellowship

UGA-UoL Application form for Doctoral Student Scheme 2019

UGA UoL doctoral student guidelines

Gives students the opportunity to conduct research and develop an international network of research contacts.

 1 week exchange, give a lecture, meet with relevant academics and students to discuss long term collaborations

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