Global Challenges

Since 2015 the UK government, as part of its international aid (ODA – Official Development Assistance), has provided funding for research which benefits low and middle income countries. This is in line with UK aid strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Liverpool has performed well in securing Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), Newton Fund and other ODA research funding.

Examples of Liverpool projects delivering impact in the developing world include:

  • one health capability building in the horn of Africa;
  • developing community-led strategies to combat modern slavery in West and Central Africa;
  • developing anticoagulation services for cardiovascular disease in Uganda and South Africa;
  • clean energy through hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in China;
  • working with the Yazidi people in Iraq to preserve their heritage and identity.

Our Global Challenges Research Strategy has five objectives:

  • to secure external research funding to deliver impact at scale in the developing world;
  • to build research capacity and capability in the developing world;
  • to articulate the university’s role in delivering impact in the developing world within university strategy, communications and impact case studies;
  • to broaden our portfolio of international partnerships;
  • to build the university’s research capability and internationalise our research environment.


Our global challenges strategy and programme of activity is overseen by the university’s Global Challenges Strategy Group (a group of senior staff drawn from across the university) which reports to the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research & Innovation.

An important enabler of our global challenges work is the quality-related (QR) GCRF grant provided by Research England over the next three years. This is enabling us to internationalise our research environment and research base through pump priming schemes, awareness raising and capability building events, hosting international visiting fellows and supporting the costs of large-scale research projects. Please take a look at some recent case studies for further information.