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Intellectual Property Service

The University's intellectual property (IP) model has been developed to support the achievement of institutional research and knowledge exchange ambitions.

The model has three simple steps; engagement, evaluation and exploitation.


Liverpool IP will progressively make contact with all academics through a series of awareness raising and training events and in response to individual requests to assist with exploitation of IP arising from research activities.


Liverpool IP will evaluate opportunities identified in their contacts with academics. They will check; IP ownership, disclosure, prior art, patentability and commercial potential.

If the opportunity appears to have the potential for significant impact and a good commercial return Liverpool IP will submit an exploitation plan to the Operations Team who will approve the protection of the IP and the implementation of the exploitation plan.


There are two principal routes to IP exploitation, licensing and the creation of a spin-out company.

To licence the intellectual property, Liverpool IP will market the invention to companies who they believe would best develop the products in the target markets. Licences would be negotiated and managed by the University’s IP Manager.

If a spin-out was chosen as the preferred exploitation mechanism the proposal to create a company would first be reviewed by the Investment Advisory Panel before being approved by the Commercial Board. The IP would then be managed as an in-house project during which time we would develop a business plan, help securing funding and a management team which if completed successfully would result in the creation of a spin-out company.