Dr Rajesh Shenoy B.Eng, PhD

Research Associate Biochemistry


    Personal Statement

    I am involved in the X-ray crystallographic studies of RpNiR (Ralstonia pickettii nitrite reductase), a new type of dissimilatory copper containing NiR with a C-terminal haem c domain from the soil bacterium Ralstonia pickettii. Nitrite reductases convert nitrite into nitric oxide in the denitrification process.

    I am a structural biologist with major research interests in structure-function studies of protein complexes involved in biological electron transfer and the nitrogen cycle, structure-based drug discovery targeted towards cancer and host-pathogen interactions.

    During my PhD at the National University of Singapore, I worked on X-ray crystallographic studies of protease inhibitor complexes of Cathepsin-L, which plays an important role in diverse processes including apoptosis and a Kazal-type Serine protease inhibitor involved in the innate immune system of the horse-shoe crab in complex with Subtilisin. Following that, as a BBSRC funded Research Associate at University of Warwick, UK, I worked on monopolin, a kinetochore protein complex regulating meiosis-I in budding yeast. After that, as a Cancer Research UK fellow at The University of Cambridge, I worked on the Astrin-Skap complex which regulates kinetochore-microtubule interactions during mitosis. Subsequently, I worked at Sporegen Ltd, a biotech spin-off at the Royal Holloway University of London which develops vaccines and probiotics followed by a research fellowship at the National University of Singapore on a project to structurally characterise mosquito salivary proteins involved in Dengue virus transmission.

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