Dr Peter Gould PhD, BSc Hons

Research Co-Investigator Functional and Comparative Genomics


Personal Statement

I am actively researching the mechanism of polar growth in fungi. This entails Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Confocal Microscopy.

I have several research interests which is captured by my past research. I am currently working towards furthering our understanding in polar growth. My research interests also span circadian biology and plant biology. I am also into farming in my spare time as Director of The Cheshire Saffron Company growing and selling the Worlds most expensive food product.

My career path is an interesting one with a mix of different research topics and also a move into farming and e commerce.

I started by doing a degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Manchester before continuing at Manchester doing a PhD in fungal circadian biology.

In 2004 I then moved onto do a Post Doctoral position in plant circadian biology at the University of Liverpool. After 3 years I had the opportunity to learn confocal microscopy during a 1 year position working on mammalian single cell imaging of NfkB oscillations. This experience was invaluable in directing my future research.

My next position was as a wet lab researcher on a huge 5 year systems biology grant at Liverpool studying the effects of temperature and light on the plant circadian clock. I then went on to work for 10 months on a neuroscience position as The University of Manchester looking at single cell oscillations in Hes1 using my luciferase and confocal microscopy experience.

During this time I wrote a grant to study plant circadian rhythms at a single cell level using my previous experiences. This allowed me to return to Liverpool as a Research Co-Investigator. This was an extremely exciting position which allowed me to drive the experimental side of this grant and liaise with mathematical modellers at the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge.

With this position coming to an end I started working on a saffron production company with my brother Douglas and my father David. Me and my brother are now Directors of The Cheshire Saffron Company producing award winning saffron and have also featured on CountryFile Autumn Special 2017, find on https://youtu.be/1x06pEU4jKE

I am now working as a Research Co-Investigator looking at fungal polar growth mechanisms using confocal microscopy and Molecular Biology.

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