Miss Alexandra Holme BSc (Hons)

Research Lab Supervisor Institute of Integrative Biology


Personal Statement

Since graduating with an honours degree in Applied Biology I began working in the pharmacology department of the University of Liverpool investigating neurotoxicity of various antimalarial drugs for the World Health Organisation with Dr Graham McLean and Prof Vyvyan Howard. I then moved to the School of Biological Sciences and worked with Dr John Smith’s group and company Pepsyn, isolating growth factors from cheese whey and developing nutriceuticals. After another short term contract in Dr McLean’s lab I returned to the Biosciences department and joined Prof Jerry Turnbull’s Glycobiology lab as the senior research technician, a post I was lucky to have for five and half years before funding ran out and I moved to Liverpool John Moore’s University to begin a PhD. Twelve months into the PhD I was given the opportunity of a permanent core funded technical post back at the University of Liverpool in the Biosciences department which I chose to accept. I have been in this role since 2011 initially as the senior research technician for lab D but since the technical restructure in 2017 I am now the Research Laboratory Supervisor for the first floor Biosciences laboratories.