The Fish Behaviour Index

The Fish Behaviour Index (FBI) is an automated monitoring tool developed for gauging the behavioural status of zebrafish

Zebrafish are an important model species used in a wide variety of experimental contexts. The aim of this study was to develop a monitoring tool that could gauge the welfare status of zebrafish based upon their behaviour. The FBI represents a major step forward in refining zebrafish experiments.

The tool, the FBI, is free to download and can be used conditional upon citing the following in all outputs:

Deakin, A.G., Buckley J., AlZu'bi, H.S., Cossins, A.R., Spencer, J.W., Al-Nuaimy, W., Young, I.S. Thomson, J.S. & Sneddon, L.U. 2019  Automated monitoring of behaviour in zebrafish after invasive procedures. Scientific Reports Read paper

The FBI is unsupported but informal enquires can be addressed to the Principal Investigator, Dr Lynne Sneddon

Relevant published studies

Deakin, A.G., Cossins, A.R., Spencer, J.W., Young, I.S. & Sneddon, L.U. 2019 Welfare challenges influence the complexity of movement: Fractal analysis of behaviour in zebrafish. Fishes, 4, 8. Read paper

White, L. J., Thomson, J. S., Pounder, K. C., Coleman R. C. and. Sneddon, L. U. 2017 The impact of social context on behaviour and the recovery from welfare challenges in zebrafish, Danio rerio. Animal Behaviour 132, 189-199. (articlenews coverage)


Access the Fish Behaviour Index

Please click here to access the Fish Behaviour Index. On completion of a short form, you will be able to access the Figshare Zebrafish Tracking and Analysis software and its source code.

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