Funding your PhD

Our scientists have opportunities for self-funded applicants to partake in a planned research project. We are also open to research proposals if they fit within our research interests.

Opportunities for self-funded students

We are open to research proposals that fit within our diverse research areas.  For more information on writing your proposal, please see the University's guide to writing a successful research proposal.

Current opportunities

You can apply directly for a pre-planned research project. A fees bursary (for all tuition and research fees) may be available under some circumstances.

Methionine adenosyltransferases in disease and regulation of gene expression
Supervisors: Dr S. Antonyuk and Prof S. Hasnain

TDP-43 The key protein for finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease
Supervisors: Dr S. Antonyuk and Prof S. Hasnain

SOD1 The key protein for finding a cure for familial Motor Neurone Disease
Supervisors: Dr S. Antonyuk and Prof S. Hasnain

Evolutionary insights for engineering improved globin oxygen carriers
Supervisors: Dr M. BerenbrinkDr J. Madine

Improving photosynthetic efficiency - engineering and evolution of light harvesting complexes via synthetic biology
Supervisor: Dr D. Canniffe

Climate change and the evolution of insect mating systems 
Supervisor: Dr S. Cornell

Deep learning approaches to discover new roles for non-canonical protein modificiations in cancer
Supervisors: Prof C. Eyers and Prof A. Jones

The Consequences of Transmission Heterogeneities for Disease Outbreaks
Supervisors: Prof A. Fenton and Prof M. Viney

Analysis of Heparin Binding Proteins and the Supramolecular Structure of Extracellular Matrix 
Supervisors: Prof D. Fernig and Prof C. Eyers

Understanding and dissecting microbial communities with Raman spectroscopy
Supervisor: Prof R. Goodacre

Development of metabolomics for understanding AMR in mixed infections
Supervisor: Prof R. Goodacre

Elucidating Disease Mechanisms using New Approaches to Capture Transient Protein Complexes in the Mitochondria
Supervisor: Professor Lu-Yun Lian

Mitochondrial protein folding and diseases
Supervisors: Prof L. Lian and Dr D. Criddle

Bioengineering of bacterial CO2-concentrating system for improved photosynthesis
Supervisors: Prof L. Liu and Dr D. Canniffe

Characterising and repurposing cyanobacterial CO2-fixing organelles for metabolic engineering
Supervisors: Prof L. Liu and Dr J. Hartwell

Mass spectrometry analysis of human tissue to characterise cleavage events resulting in amyloid deposition associated with aortic aneurysm and dissection
Supervisors: Dr J. Madine and Prof C. Eyers

Investigating the molecular mechanisms and consequences of ANP aggregation for cardiovascular disease; a computational and experimental approach
Supervisors: Dr J. Madine and Dr D.J. Rigden

The Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Reproductive Organ Photosynthesis
Supervisors: Dr D. O'Maoileidigh

Understanding non-genetic inheritance in Daphnia magna with Raman spectroscopic imaging and mass spectrometry-based metabolomics
Supervisors: Dr H. Muhamad Ali and Dr S. Plaistow and Prof R. Goodacre

The genomics of sperm killing gene drive
Supervisors: Dr T. PriceProf G. HurstProf S. Paterson

Exploiting advanced methods for protein structure prediction
Supervisors: Dr D.J. Rigden and Dr R Keegan

Mechanistic mathematical / computational modelling of the PAR polarity network
Supervisors: Dr N Savage and Dr J Rodriguez

Multicelluar Cell Differentiation Model: The control of root hair patterning in Aspergillus thaliana
Supervisors: Dr N Savage and Dr A Bishopp

Mechanistic mathematical/computational modelling of integrin signalling
Supervisors: Dr N. Savage and Dr M. Morgan

Investigation of the role of post-translational modifications in hypoxia signalling
Supervisors: Dr V. See and Prof C. Eyers

Validation of novel biomarkers for improved risk stratification and therapy for the paediatric cancer neuroblastoma
Supervsiors: Dr V. See and Dr A. Herrmann

Examining Histoplasmosis in household and community environments at the human-animal interface
Supervisors: Dr. C. ScantleburyProf. A. McCarthyDr. G. Pinchbeck, Dr. D. Wootton

The eco-immunology of wild mice
Supervisor: Prof M. Viney

The biology of parasitism in parasitic nematodes
Supervisor: Prof M. Viney

How to apply

Please follow the specific instructions given for the project on the FindAPhD page.

To discuss any of the available projects, contact the named supervisor.

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