PhD studentships

Our research spans biological scales - from genes to proteins to whole organisms, populations and ecosystems.  We offer PhD projects in a wide range of topics, brought together by our four research themes.

Each year we advertise projects funded by the NERC, BBSRC and MRC as well as industry and charities.  All of our projects are advertised on FindaPhD and our current opportunities are listed below.

If you would like to propose your own research project for a PhD, MPhil or MRes, please contact potential supervisors amongst the academic staff.

Institute of Integrative Biology 

Fully funded (tuition fee, research costs and stipend).

Mechanisms controlling gene expression in hypoxia and inflammation
Prof S. Rocha

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BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (NLD BBSRC DTP)

Find out more on the NLD BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership website.

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NERC Doctoral Training Partnership - Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment (NERC ACCE)

Competitive full funding (tuition fee, research costs and stipend) is available for these projects. Closing date Jan 9, 2018.

The role of the microbiota in mediating invasions
Dr S. Barribeau, Dr Z Lewis

Evolutionary physiology of tissue oxygenation in mammals
Dr M. Berenbrink, Dr M. Speed

Transposable elements as a source of environmentally dependent phenotypic variation
Dr A. Betancourt, Dr S. Barribeau, Dr I J. Saccheri, Dr L. Smith

The impact of livestock on parasite transmission in communities of African savanna herbivores
Dr J. Bro-Jorgensen, Dr D. Franks, Prof A. Fenton

Climate change and the evolution of insect mating systems
Dr S. Cornell, Dr T. Price

Improving the planning of restoration for long-term functioning of habitat networks
Dr J. Hodgson, Dr S. Cornell, Dr H. Crick

Endosymbiotic interactions in freshwater invertebrates: what are the microbes doing?
Prof G. Hurst, Dr D. Atkinson, Dr C. MacAdam

Dynamics of horizontal gene transfer in diverse microbial communities
Prof S. Paterson, Dr M. Brockhurst, Prof A. Fenton

Non-genetic inheritance and local adaptation
Dr S. Plaistow, Dr M. Marcello

The ecology of a sex-ratio distorting meiotic driver
Dr T. Price, Dr R. Butlin, Dr G. Hurst

Utilizing community ecology to examine environmental niches of Histoplasma capsulatum and explore the significance of the host-environment interface
Dr C. Scantlebury, Prof A J. McCarthy, Dr T. Helgason

Impact of climate change on phenotype and post-release survival of the lobster
Dr L. Sneddon, Dr C. Arnold

Conservation ecology of a re-introduced dormouse population
Prof P. Stockley, Prof J L. Hurst


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MRC Doctoral Training Partnership (Discovery Medicine North - DiMEN)

New projects will be advertised in Autumn 2017.

Find out more on the MRC DiMEN DTP website.

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Opportunities for self-funded students

A fees bursary (for all tuition and research fees) may be available under some circumstances.

Repurposing cyanobacterial CO2-fixing organelles using synthetic biology
Dr L. Liu

Exploiting advanced methods for protein structure prediction
Dr D.J. Rigden and Dr R Keegan

Quantifying the role of phosphohistidine during bacterial infection
Prof C. Eyers and Prof A. Jones

Evolutionary insights for engineering improved globin oxygen carriers
Dr M. Berenbrink

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How to apply

Please follow the specific instructions given for the project on the FindAPhD page.

To discuss any of the available projects, contact the named supervisor.

General information about eligibility and funding

Funding (covering tuition fee, research and training costs and a maintenance stipend) is available to suitably qualified applicants for some projects. A fees bursary may be available under some cicumstances.

Research Council funding (BBSRC, EPSRC, NERC and MRC) is subject to the candidate being eligible under the RCUK residency criteria.