The Centre has three spectrometers operating at 800MHz, 700MHz and 600MHz, together with an array of biophysical techniques including isothermal titration calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance and fluorimetry (plate-reader and cuvette modes) that support the NMR methodology. In addition, the Centre has considerable expertise in the production of highly purified recombinant proteins.

The Centre enhances the excellent environment that already exists for cross-disciplinary research in the University of Liverpool, with established excellence in medical and veterinary science, underpinned by equally strong biological, chemical and computational sciences, and with the clinical research required to exploit the results.


Particular strengths of the Centre are in:

  •     Structural Biology
  •     Screening of small molecule libraries
  •     Metabolomics and biomarker identification

The structural biology focus of the Centre is on mitochondrial proteins involved in ageing and pancreatic diseases, the extracellular matrix, focal adhesion proteins, synaptosome complexes involved in pain and other neurological disorders, and amyloidogenic proteins and peptides. There is a strong commitment in these projects to combine the structural studies with biological, chemical and computational approaches to elucidate molecular mechanisms and where appropriate, develop small molecule inhibitors. The metabolite identification projects are driven by colleagues from the University with interests in areas such as personalised medicine, parasite metabolism and tropical diseases, drug safety science, animal diseases and animal feed development.

The metabolomics focus of the Centre is on the clinical and veterinary needs of our collaborators in the region (Liverpool Equine Hospital, Liverpool Women's Hospital, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Aintree Royal Hospital, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) and to provide metabolomics expertise to the N8 consortium.

Research in the Centre is supported by the BBSRC, British Heart Foundation, National Institute for Health Research, Wellcome Trust, and North-West Cancer Research.

We welcome collaborations; should you wish to access the facilities in the Centre, please contact Professor Lu-Yun Lian at lu-yun.lian@liverpool.ac.uk for more information.