ICAT organises regular events which are open to all:



Academic Foundation Trainee - Prize Presentation 2019 (F2s to submit abstract)

Foresight Centre

5.30pm - 8pm | Wednesday 5th June, 2019 |

for further information: contact Debbie Sweeney



Academic Clinical Fellow - Prize Presentation, 2019

Foresight Centre

5.30pm - 7pm | Wednesday 26th June, 2019 |

for further information : Debbie Sweeney



2nd Networking Event - Academic Leadership

Venue: Radisson Blu, Liverpool

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |





Arrival and Welcome Drink


Introduction and Welcome

Prof Robert Moots  Director of ICAT


Keynote Speaker

Prof Rosalind Smyth, CBE - Director of the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and Professor of Child Health at UCL.


The Academy - NIHR

Dr James Fenton -  Assistant Director, NIHR Institutional Awards Team


Academic Leadership Workshop

  • What do we perceive makes a good leader?
  • Turning our Values into Behaviours
  • Resilience
  • What Next?

Ms Tracy Ellis - Organisational Developer, The Academy, University of Liverpool


Summary and Close

Prof Robert Moots  Director of ICAT


Refreshments and Hot Buffet







solution focused

Table 1: Solution Focused

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |






Table 2: Integrity

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |





Clear Communication

Table 3: Clear Communication

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |






Table : Flexible

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |






Table 5 : Listening

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |





Table 6 : Collaboration

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |





Evaluation feedback: "enjoyed the leadership section", "It was great hearing about people’s career paths and advice very useful", "The first talk was interesting and encouraging. The second talk useful to understand the way the NIHR has changed its structure. The last talk was fairly interesting but a little long", "Nice to have a presentation on skills required for a successful career in academia from a training point of view".

| Wednesday 27th February, 2019 |





1st ICAT Networking Event, 13th February, 2018 at the Raddison Blu, Liverpool

Work Vs Life Balance - Developing Research Leaders

| |



ACF Clinical Research Autumn Symposium - Tuesday 19th October, 2021 venue: The Spine, RCP building, Liverpool.  Aimed at All ACFs, Academic Foundation Trainees year 2.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Catriona Waitt, Prof.Tom Walley, Dr. Benadict Michaels.  Programme and registration