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Julia EisenbergPaul Eisenberg

Congratulations to Carmen Boado Penas, Julia Eisenberg and Paul Eisenberg (left to right) whose work has appeared on the front pages of “Der Aktuar" – the members’ magazine of the DAV (German Actuarial Association). 

The first edition was published in 1995. The main focus of the three-monthly "Der Aktuar" are articles on specific actuarial topics, reports on DAV meetings and the activities of the DAV committees.

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Corina ConstantinescuJulia EisenbergSule Sahin

Congratulations to Carmen Boado Penas, Corina Constantinescu, Julia Eisenberg and Sule Sahin (left to right) whose research on COVID-19 and the aftermath has been published in the VW Heute newspaper - to view the full article and interview click on the link here



Kira HenshawCorina Constantinescu


Kira Henshaw, Corina Constantinescu and Olivier Menoukeu-Pamen (left to right) investigate the effects of spousal death on the surviving partner’s mortality and how their model could be applied to disease outbreaks in closed communities such as care homes. This was featured in the August 2020 edition of The Actuary, including on the front page.


It is based on their Risks article: https://www.mdpi.com/2227-9091/8/1/17

The work is part of Kira's PhD studies at the Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. Her research is sponsored by the EPSRC and ESRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantification and Management of Risk & Uncertainty in Complex Systems & Environments.

We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the EPSRC https://epsrc.ukri.org/ and ESRC https:/https://esrc.ukri.org/ as well as that of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation through the research chair programme at AIMS Ghana. The academic partnership of the University of Liverpool with the AIMS network made this research study possible. Special thanks to Perpetual Saah Andam.