Staff Directory: Physics

Name Title Telephone
+44 (0)151

Head of Department

Professor Carsten Welsch Head of Department
Mrs Angie Reid Secretary to Head of Department/Management Services Administrator  

Academic Staff



Professor Graziano Venanzoni    
Professor Constantinos Andreopoulos Professor  
Professor Andrew Boston Professor  
Professor Themis Bowcock Professor  
Professor Gianluigi Casse Professor  
Professor Marielle Chartier Professor  
Professor Bradley Cheal Professor  
Professor Vin Dhanak Professor  
Professor Monica D'Onofrio Professor  
Professor Ken Durose Professor  
Professor Tim Greenshaw Professor  
Professor Laura Harkness-Brennan Professor  
Professor Rolf-Dietmar Herzberg Professor  
Professor David Joss Professor  
Professor Uta Klein Professor  
Professor Christopher Lucas Professor  
Professor Neil McCauley Professor  
Professor Ronan McGrath Professor  
Professor Andrew Mehta Professor  
Prof Paul Nolan Professor  
Professor Robert Page Professor  
Professor Tara Shears Professor  
Professor Christos Touramanis Professor  
Professor Tim Veal Professor  
Professor Graziano Venanzoni Leverhulme International Professor  
Professor Joost Vossebeld Professor  
Professor Peter Weightman Professor  
Professor Andrzej Wolski Professor  


Dr Helen Boston Reader  
Dr Sergey Burdin Reader  
Dr Jonathon Coleman Reader  
Dr Joachim Rose Reader  

Senior Lecturers

Dr Jonathan Alaria Senior Lecturer  
Dr David Hutchcroft Senior Lecturer  
Dr Frank Jaeckel Senior Lecturer  
Dr Jan Kretzschmar Senior Lecturer  
Dr Jon Major Senior Lecturer  
Dr Konstantinos Mavrokoridis Senior Lecturer  
Dr Liam O'Brien Senior Lecturer  
Dr Eddie Paul Senior Lecturer  
Dr Nikolaos Rompotis Senior Lecturer  
Dr Hem Sharma Senior Lecturer  
Dr Helen Vaughan Senior Lecturer  


Dr Tessa Charles Lecturer  
Dr Chris Edmonds Lecturer  
Dr Yvonne Grunder Lecturer  
Dr Carl Gwilliam Lecturer  
Dr Andrew Low Lecturer  
Dr David Martin Lecturer  
Dr Joe Price Lecturer  
Dr Faye Wearing Lecturer  

Senior Research Fellows

Professor Peter Butler Nuclear Physics  
Dr Trevor Farrell Research Fellow    
Dr Tim Jones Particle Physics  

Research Fellows

Dr Carlos Chavez Barajas Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Paul Dervan Particle Physics  
Mr Robert Fay Particle Physics  
Dr Liam Gaffney Ernest Rutherford Research Fellow - Nuclear Physics  
Mr Ashley Greenall Particle Physics  
Dr Paul Harrison Condensed Matter Physics  
Dr Helen Hayward Particle Physics  
Dr Brianna Heazlewood EPSRC Research Fellow  
Dr Karol Hennessy Particle Physics  
Dr Marita O'Sullivan Daphne Jackson Fellow  
Dr Eduardo Miguel Rodrigues Figueiredo Senior Research Scientist (Particle Physics)  
Dr Marco Roda Particle Physics  
Mr Dave Seddon Nuclear Physics  
Mr Nigel Smith Particle Physics    
Mr George Stavrakis    
Mr Paul Thompson Condensed Matter Physics  
Mr Jim Thornhill Nuclear Physics  
Dr Ricardo Torres Project Manager oPAC (Accelerator Physics)  
Dr Ilya Tsurin Particle Physics  
Dr Paul Unsworth Condensed Matter Physics  
Dr Eva Vilella-Figueras UKRI Future Leaders Research Fellow  
Mr Yelong Wei Marie Curie Fellow (Accelerator Physics)  

Research Staff

Dr Laurence Bouchenoire Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr Joseph Carmignani Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Michael Day Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr James Ingham Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr Daniel Judson Research Associate (Nuclear Physics)  
Mrs Ayushi Khatri Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Maxim Korostelev Research Associate (Accelerator Physics)  
Dr Narender Kumar Research Associate (Accelerator Physics)  
Dr Jian Liu Research Associate (Nuclear Physics)  
Dr Krishanu Majumdar Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Carl Metelko Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Jamie Norman Research Associate (Nuclear Physics)  
Dr Rahul Pandey Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr David Payne Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Laurie Phillips Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr Vincent Richardson Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr Ellis Rintoul Research Associate (Nuclear Physics)  
Dr Cristiani Sebastiani Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Thomas Shalvey Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr Caroline Smith Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Mr George Stavrakis Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Matthew Sullivan Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Jon Taylor Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Mr Paul Thompson Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr David Vazquez Furelos Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Mr David Wells Nuclear Physics  
Dr Didier Wermeille Research Associate (Condensed Matter Physics)  
Dr Joseph Wolfenden Research Associate (Accelerator Physics)  
Dr Sven Wonsak Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Chenfan Zhang Research Associate (Particle Physics)  
Dr Hao Zhang Research Associate (Accelerator Physics)  

Professional Services Staff

Miss Sarah Annand Student Experience Coordinator (Physics) and Physics Outreach Officer  
Mr Constantinos Astreos Commercial Development Manager  
Mrs Zoe Bragger Student Experience Administrator  
Miss Carole Burgess Student Experience Coordinator  
Mrs Julie Clark Particle Physics Finance Administrator  
Mrs Catherine Jackson Project Coordinator  
Miss Ayesha Kamarudin Project Administrator, Cockcroft Institute  
Mr Kane Murphy Student Experience Assistant  
Mrs Angie Reid HoD PA/Management Services Administrator  
Mrs Marj Robson Postgraduate Research Administrator  
Mrs Naomi Smith Project Manager, Cockcroft Institute  
Miss Lauren Thompson Student Experience Administrator  
Dr Ricardo Torres Project Manager, Cockcroft Institute  
Mrs Alexandra Welsch Project Web Developer, Cockcroft Institute  

Technical Staff/Research Groups

Mr Kieran Bridges Technician (PP)    
Mr Matthew Brown Technician (PP)  
Mr Balint Bogdan Electronics Engineer (PP)  
Mr Liam Boynton Technician (PP)  
Mr John Carroll Technician (PP)  
Mr Christopher Everett Technician (NP)  
Mr Kieran Green Technician (NP)  
Mr Philip Harding Technician    
Mr Warren Jones Technician (PP)  
Mr John Kervin Technician (CMP)  
Mr Michael Lockwood Technician (PP)
Mr Samuel Powell Electronics Technician (PP)  
Mr David Sim Technician (PP)  

Technical Staff/Workshop

Mr Mark Whitley Workshop Team Leader  
Mr Thomas Gibbs Workshop Technician  
Mr Daniel Hollywood Deputy Workshop Team Leader  
Mr Emlyn Jones Workshop Technician  
Mr Robert Malley Workshop Technician  
Mr Luke Marshall Workshop Technician  
Mr Kevin McCormick Mechanical Engineering Developer  
Mr Paul Sinclair Advanced Materials Group Technician  
Mr Anthony Watling Workshop Technician  
Electronics Workshop      
Mechanical Workshop (G03)      
Workshop Common Room      

Emeritus, Honorary Research Fellows and Visiting Professors

Professor Thomas Aumann Visiting Professor    
Dr Desmond Barber Visiting Professor  
Dr Stephen Barrett Senior Research Fellow  
Em P John Dainton Emeritus Professor  
Prof Tony Fisher Visiting Professor  
Dr John Fry Senior Research Fellow  
Professor Gerald Gabrielse Visiting Professor    
Prof Max Klein Professor  
Dr Peter Kostka Visiting Professor  
Dr Roy Lemmon Senior Fellow  
Dr Mats Lindroos Visiting Professor  
Dr Stephen Maxfield Senior Research Fellow  
Professor Alan Nahum Visiting Professor  
Dr Girish Patel Particle Physics  
Mr Michael Poole Visiting Professor    
Dr John Simpson Visiting Professor  
Dr Graham Smith    
Susan Smith Visiting Professor    
Mr V Suller Visiting Professor    
Prof Azzam Taktak Visiting Professor  
Professor Mike Tyndel Visiting Professor    
Dr Paul Warren Visiting Professor  

University Teachers

Mr Peter Bryant Honorary Recognised Teacher  

Teaching Fellows


Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy

Dr Jonathan Alaria Senior Lecturer  
Professor Vin Dhanak Professor  
Professor Ken Durose Professor  
Dr Frank Jaeckel Senior Lecturer  
Dr Jon Major EPSRC Early Career Research Fellow  
Dr Laurie Phillips Research Associate  
Professor Tim Veal Professor  
Mr Vincent Vasey Research Technician  


Basement Corridor      
Colloquia Room (323)      
History Of Science      
Library (417a)      
Staff Seminar Room (337)      
Stores (Foyer)      
Student Office (408)      

LJMU Teaching Studies

LJMU AstroPhysics Centre      

Nuclear Structure Research Group

Computing Area (201a)      
Lab (201d)      
Lab (201f)      
Environmental Rad. Lab (G01)      

Particle Physics Research Group

Computing Area (201b)      
P/Grad. Students Yr1 Rm 2.03      
P/Grad Students Yr3 Rm 2.25      
Clean Room (G01g)      
Clean Room (G01l)      
Clean Room (G01m)      
Clean Room (G01n)      
Lab (G01p)      

Condensed Matter Research Group

Chemistry Lab (202)      
Helium Liquefier Room (B17)