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The information contained in this module specification was correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change, either during the session because of unforeseen circumstances, or following review of the module at the end of the session. Queries about the module should be directed to the member of staff with responsibility for the module.
Code SOCI311
Coordinator Ms AL Hardwick
Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
Year CATS Level Semester CATS Value
Session 2019-20 Level 6 FHEQ First Semester 15


To facilitate you working in partnership with a VCO and engaging in self-directed learning in order to complete the agreed investigation.
To support you to acquire research skills through independent research and project managment;
To support you in applying your knowledge to a topic pertinent to a local VCO;
To assist you to develop understanding of the workplace and bridge the gap between your academic studies and future employment;
To enable you to exercise the inter-personal and time management skills required for indpependent research.

Learning Outcomes

(LO1) Enables you to expore a topic in-depth

(LO2) Offer an opportunity to apply your growing critical judegment and powers of anlysis to the area of inquiry

(LO3) Leads to the production of a project report for the host VCO

(LO4) Develops your grasp of the policy context and relevant literature or data sets related to your area of investigation

(LO5) Enables understanding of methodology by demonstrating awareness of current debates in sociological methodology and where approriate being able to apply these to the project

(S1) Communication and collaboration online participating in digital networks for learning and research

(S2) Literacy application of literacy, ability to produce clear, structured written work and oral literacy - including listening and questioning

(S3) Problem solving/ critical thinking/ creativity analysing facts and situations and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions.

(S4) Research management developing a research strategy, project planning and delivery, risk management, formulating questions, selecting literature, using primary/secondary/diverse sources, collecting & using data, applying research methods, applying ethics



Developing skills in independent learning through activities such as: writing a literature review, or policy analysis, or data analysis.
Developing skills in engaging with a VCO and tailoring the investigation to the needs of the organisation.
Resources and guidance will be available on Vital and in the Module Handbook

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching Method 1 - Lecture
Description: These will cover the board syllabus
Attendance Recorded: Yes
Notes: You will be offered regular times for 1:1 supervision to discuss specific issues related to your project

Teaching Method 2 - Field Work
Description: You will be able to choose to collaborate with a VCO on investigation proposed by them. The aim is to generate insight into this area and provide useful knowledge for the VCO. This will involve two meeting with the representative from the VCO to discuss the investigation. These will take place at the beginning and middle of the semester.
Attendance Recorded: Yes

Teaching Schedule

  Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab Practicals Fieldwork Placement Other TOTAL
Study Hours 2


Timetable (if known)              
Private Study 144


EXAM Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
CONTINUOUS Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
Report of the investigation for the VCO There is a resit opportunity. Standard UoL penalty applies for late submission. This is not an anonymous assessment. Assessment Schedule (When) :Semester  4,000 words    100       

Recommended Texts

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