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Code MATH225
Coordinator Dr DJ Colquitt
Mathematical Sciences
Year CATS Level Semester CATS Value
Session 2018-19 Level 5 FHEQ First Semester 15


To provide an understanding of the various vector integrals, the operators div, grad and curl and the relations between them.

To give an appreciation of the many applications of vector calculus to physical situations.

To provide an introduction to the subjects of fluid mechanics and electromagnetism.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the module students should be able to:

-     Work confidently with different coordinate systems.

-     Evaluate line, surface and volume integrals.

-     Appreciate the need for the operators div, grad and curl together with the associated theorems of Gauss and Stokes.

-     Recognise the many physical situations that involve the use of vector calculus.

-     Apply mathematical modelling methodology to formulate and solve simple problems in electromagnetism and inviscid fluid flow.

All learning outcomes are assessed by both examination and course work.


Different coordinate systems.

Scalar and vector fields; electrostatic field, Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions of a fluid.

Gradient; E = -grad Ф , dipole field, convective derivative D/Dt.

Surface and volume integrals; divergence, Gauss'' theorem, equation of continuity, incompressible flows.

Curl, line integrals, Stokes'' theorem; irrotational fields, conservative fields,velocity potential.   Maxwell''s equations, wave equation, acceleration of a fluid particle.

Applications to fluid motion; Inviscid fluids, boundary conditions, pressure, Euler equation and solutions for irrotational motion and steady motion.

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Pre-requisites before taking this module (other modules and/or general educational/academic requirements):

MATH102; MATH101  

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Programme:F344 Year:2 Programme:FGH1 Year:2 Programme:FG31 Year:2

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Programme:G100 Year:2 Programme:G101 Year:2 Programme:G110 Year:2 Programme:G1N2 Year:2 Programme:G1R9 Year:2 Programme:G1X3 Year:2 Programme:GG13 Year:2 Programme:GL11 Year:2 Programme:GR11 Year:2 Programme:GN11 Year:2 Programme:GG14 Year:2 Programme:GV15 Year:2 Programme:G1F7 Year:2 Programme:BCG0 Year:2 Programme:Y001 Year:2 Programme:L000 Year:2


EXAM Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
Unseen Written Exam  2.5 hours  First semester  85  Yes  Standard UoL penalty applies  Assessment 2 Notes (applying to all assessments) 10% homework and 5% class test This work is not marked anonymously. Candidates should attempt all questions in Section A and three questions in Section B. Section A carries 55% of the available marks. A formula sheet is attached at the end of the paper.  
CONTINUOUS Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
Coursework    First semester  15  None: exemption approved November 2007  Standard UoL penalty applies  Assessment 1