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The information contained in this module specification was correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change, either during the session because of unforeseen circumstances, or following review of the module at the end of the session. Queries about the module should be directed to the member of staff with responsibility for the module.
Title Wills and Succession 2
Code LAW832
Coordinator Mr DA O'Brien
School of Law and Social Justice
Year CATS Level Semester CATS Value
Session 2020-21 Level 6 FHEQ Second Semester 15


- To ensure a solid knowledge and understanding of the main legal principles of intestate succession and probate.
- To develop analytical, critical and research skills and to demonstrate the ability to form a critical appreciation of the law of intestate succession and probate in the jurisdictions being studied.
- To stimulate academic interest in a complex area of law.

Learning Outcomes

(LO1) Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the key areas of substantive law.

(LO2) Demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge by analysing problems or questions, identifying important issues, reasoning, forming balanced judgements, and demonstrate the ability to communicate this to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

(LO3) Demonstrate skills of analysis, critical evaluation, synthesis and application of information in the context of intestate succession and probate and the ability to make value judgments based on the law of other jurisdictions.

(LO4) Demonstrate personal initiative and independent learning, including the ability to reflecton learning and act on feedback.

(S1) Improving own learning/performance - Self-awareness/self-analysis

(S2) Critical thinking and problem solving - Problem identification

(S3) Working in groups and teams - Negotiation skills

(S4) Time and project management - Personal organisation

(S5) Research skills - All Information skills

(S6) Demonstrate effective use of primary and secondary materials.



1. Intestacy
2. Provision for the deceased’s family and dependants
3. Grants of probate and letters of administration
4. Executors and administrators
5. Discharge of debts and liabilities
6. The liability of a personal representative
7. The rights of the beneficiary during administration
8. Legacies and devises
9. Failure of benefit
10. The incidence of debts and liabilities     
11. Remedies

These topics will be taught in a comparative context.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching Method 1 - Lecture
Description: Lectures
Attendance Recorded: No
Notes: The core content of the syllabus will be covered over 24 hours of lectures in semester 2.

Teaching Method 2 - Tutorial
Description: Tutorials
Attendance Recorded: Yes
Notes: Students will be required to answer set questions having undertaken research on focused areas covered in the lecture sessions. These sessions are designed to build on skills, such as analysis, application, research and to encourage students to form a critical awareness of the law of testate succession by means of a comparative law approach.

Self-Directed Learning Description: Students will be required to undertake guided and independent studies to reinforce their understanding of the subject and knowledge base, to prepare for tutorials, to reflect upon feedback and to prepare for formative and summative assessments.

Teaching Schedule

  Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab Practicals Fieldwork Placement Other TOTAL
Study Hours 24


Timetable (if known)              
Private Study 121


EXAM Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
CONTINUOUS Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
3000 Word Essay There is a resit opportunity. Standard UoL penalty applies for late submission. This is an anonymous assessment. Assessment Schedule (When) :2  -3000 words    100       

Recommended Texts

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Other Staff Teaching on this Module

Mrs CJ Fairhurst School of Law and Social Justice
Mr MC Davies Law
Ms R Minty Law
Ms A Capece School of Law and Social Justice

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LAW825 Wills and Succession 1 

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