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The information contained in this module specification was correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change, either during the session because of unforeseen circumstances, or following review of the module at the end of the session. Queries about the module should be directed to the member of staff with responsibility for the module.
Title Science Communication
Code ENVS393
Coordinator Dr ED Rushworth
Central Teaching Laboratory
Year CATS Level Semester CATS Value
Session 2020-21 Level 5 FHEQ Whole Session 15


Provide key transferable skills to undergraduates, including: communication, presentation, practical classroom skills and team working.

Provide classoom based experience for undergraduates who are considering teaching as a potential career

Encourage a new generation of STEM teachers.

Provide role models for pupils within schools located in areas of high deprivation.

Increase University of Liverpool widening participation activites within merseyside.

Learning Outcomes

(LO1) Have an understanding of the UK educational system and relevant teaching and learning styles.

(LO2) Have an understanding of the Widening Participation Agenda

(LO3) Have an understanding of relevant STEM subjects and activities that would link into the National Curriculum

(LO4) Develop appropriate STEM activities for KS2 and KS3 school groups that link with the National Curriculum

(LO5) Reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of the outreach acivities and their delivery

(LO6) Be able to apply the relevant protocols and safeguarding practice when delivering within a school setting

(LO7) Be able to apply practical knowledge of effective delivery styles when engaging with primary or secondary aged pupils

(LO8) Have experience of planning the delivery of a project

(LO9) Have experience of team working

(LO10) Have experience of science communication in a variety of situations

(S1) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Presentation skills – oral

(S2) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Influencing skills – envisioning

(S3) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Academic writing (inc. referencing skills)

(S4) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Communicating for audience

(S5) Communication (oral, written and visual) - Report writing

(S6) Time and project management - Project planning

(S7) Critical thinking and problem solving - Evaluation

(S8) Skills in using technology - Using common applications (work processing, databases, spreadsheets etc.)

(S9) Global citizenship - Understanding of equality and diversity

(S10) Personal attributes and qualities - Willingness to take responsibility



Semester One : Induction and training

A series of lectures delivered by Academic staff and WP team members will cover the following topics:

The UK educational system
Key stage 2 & 3 learning styles
Science activity development skills
Production of online resources
Widening Participation

Students will also have the option to be trained as STEM ambassadors

The topics above will be illustrated in practice through optional shadowing of WP team members

Students will produce a detailed lesson plan for a KS2 or KS3 lesson on a STEM topic, and will write an essay on a relevant science component of the KS2 or KS3 National Curriculum.

Semester 2 : Delivery

Students will prepare interactive outreach sessions based on their choices from a menu of tested activities. They will prepare presentations based around these activities and present 3-5 sessions either in the University, in local schools or online.

They will evalua te the effectiveness of the sessions they deliver, and report on their outreach work through a written report .

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching Method 1 - Asynchronous Lecture
Description: Online lecture
Attendance Recorded: No
Notes: 5 x 1 hour lectures about educational theory and practise

Teaching Method 2 - Peer Review
Description: Peer review sessions of a) lesson plan and risk assessment, and b) outreach delivery materials
Attendance Recorded: Yes
Notes: 2 x 1hr sessions for students to share their work and get formative feedback from Academic staff and Peers prior to session delivery

Teaching Method 3 - Optional Work Placement
Description: Opportunity to shadow Widening Participation delivery sessions or other outreach events
Attendance Recorded: No
Notes: Shadowing WP team members. Can become online-only if required.

Teaching Method 4 - Group Project
Description: Development of team activity
Attendance Recorded: No
Notes: 40 x Non-timetabled activity development and team lesson plan preparation

Teaching Schedule

  Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab Practicals Fieldwork Placement Other TOTAL
Study Hours         15




Timetable (if known)              
Private Study 88


EXAM Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
CONTINUOUS Duration Timing
% of
Penalty for late
Assessment 2 Standard UoL penalty applies for late submission. This is not an anonymous assessment. Assessment Schedule (When) :Semester 2  3-5 outreach activit    50       
Assessment 1 There is a resit opportunity. Standard UoL penalty applies for late submission. This is an anonymous assessment. Assessment Schedule (When) :Semester 1  ~3,000 word essay    20       
Assessment 3 There is a resit opportunity. Standard UoL penalty applies for late submission. This is an anonymous assessment. Assessment Schedule (When) :Semester 2  ~3,000 word report    30       

Recommended Texts

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