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Code KMGT612
Coordinator Miss VK McCall
Marketing (ULMS)
Year CATS Level Semester CATS Value
Session 2021-22 Level 7 FHEQ Whole Session 15

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Study Hours 10



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Private Study 100


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Assessment 1 Assessment Schedule (When) :Whole Session  Weekly    35       
Assessment 2 Assessment Schedule (When) :Whole Session  8 Weekly    35       
Assessment 3 Assessment Schedule (When) :Whole Session  Weekly    30       


The aim of this module is to demonstrate how operations management can influence and shape competitive strategy. Specific topics include the examination of modern business drivers and competitive performance (time compression, responsiveness, waste elimination etc), the achievement of competitive advantage through operations management, globalisation and supply chains, agility and ECR examples and operations performance management. leading-edge operational practice is analysed within each topic covered. The aims are that the student will:

A1. Understand the drivers and dimensions of competitive performance;

A2. Understand the strategic role and importance of operations;

A3. Understand operations strategy and practice in the context of its importance to the success of a company in its marketplace;

A4. Understand the techniques of strategic operations management for achieving key performance objectives.

Learning Outcomes

(LO1) Demonstrate an understanding of the strategic role of operations in the management of modern business processes.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching Method 1 - Lecture

Teaching Method 2 - Seminar

Teaching Method 3 - Tutorial



1. Introduction to Strategic Operations Management

Definitions and examples of operations management and operations strategy. Levels of strategy and the relationship between corporate and business and functional strategies. The drivers and dimensions of competitive performance;

2. The development of operations strategy

The components of operations management in the manufacturing and service sectors. Process choice and process design. Linking markets to operations. Strategic initiatives: operational performance, marketing requirements, operational design, managing innovation, job design and the relationship between customer service, operations efficiency and inventory trade-offs. The components of contemporary operations strategy and management: IT systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, integrated supply systems, the concepts of lean & just-in time systems;

3. Operations Strategy: Cases and Examples

Cases and examples may include Hewlett Packard, Del l, British Airways, W South West Airlines and Zara;

4. Performance Measurement

Evaluating operations success, performance monitoring and measurement. Measuring the translation of strategy into actions and techniques for improving operations;

5. Preventing Failure and Securing Quality

Assessing operations failure, detecting and preventing failure. The practices of total quality management, quality systems, procedures and strategy and Six Sigma as an approach.

Recommended Texts

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