Professor Michael Griffiths BMedSci, BM.BS., MRCP Paeds., MSc Paediatrics and Child Health, DTMH, DPhil.

Professor of Paediatric Neurosciences Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology



    Undergraduate MBChB
    Facilitator for Problem Based Learning Modules
    Co-facilitator for the ‘Common Neurological Emergencies’ Special Study Module.
    Academic Advisor for medical students (Yrs2-5)
    Supervisor for Research and Scholarship medical students 1 & 2 – involves setting projects, project supervision and assessment
    Lecture on Paediatric Neurology to 3rd/4th medical students during their paediatric rotation through the Alder-Hey and provide bed-side/clinic teaching.

    I am co-developer, topic lead and lecturer for the LIFE323 MRes module Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Vaccines
    I have been topic lead, lecturer and module coordinator on the Institute for Infection and Global Health “Frontiers in Clinical Science’ MRes course.
    I regularly lecture on the University’s ‘NeuroID’ course - Neuro-Id course

    I support junior paediatrician teaching through the education programmes for Paediatrics. I also conduct bed-side teaching in the hospital.
    I act as clinical supervisor for junior doctors in the Neurology Department at the Alder Hey
    I regularly lecture on the Alder-Hey ‘Masterclass in Paediatric Neurosurgery’ - Liverpool Paediatric Neurosurgery Masterclass

    I oversee the management of and regularly teach on the UK BPNA short courses - BPNA short courses.
    I am Course Director for the BPNA Acute Neurology course Acute Course
    I advocated creation of this new national post-graduate course with the BPNA executive committee. I chaired development and delivery of the course. Course development involved scoping and selection of the development committee (involving paediatric neurologists, general paediatricians, paediatric and adult emergency medicine health professionals [clinicians and allied professionals] from across the UK).
    I chaired regular meetings to define target audience, educational scope, learning objectives, development schedule, formulate course content and educational material, train the teaching faculty, deliver the course and review feedback from course attendees and providers. This was achieved to a set time-line and budget (in discussion with external funders and BPNA). The course has received excellent feedback from attendees. We are now expanding course availability and teaching faculty.

    I regularly lecture, at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on their Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Health course.
    I undertake webinars and seminars as part of the BPNA clinical lecture series.

    Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in peadiatrics / neurology / neuro-infection