Photo of Dr Marie McIntyre

Dr Marie McIntyre Ph.D, BSc (HONS)

Honorary Fellow Livestock & One Health


Research Overview

My research focuses on identifying the drivers of and control measures for infectious diseases impacting human and veterinary public health. I am particularly interested in using a One Health ethos in research examining food safety and security issues.

I previously led development of a horizon-scanning systematic review examining the sensitivity to climate of high impact human and domestic animal pathogens, identifying food-, soil-, water- and vector-borne transmission routes as particularly associated with climate. I also led trial implementation of modern molecular surveillance methods for gastrointestinal disease within the UK public health system as part of the ‘Integrate’ (Fully integrated, real-time detection, diagnosis and control of community diarrhoeal disease clusters and outbreaks) project. Most recently, I was a Senior Analyst in the Directorate of the Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) programme, leading standardisation of literature searching methodologies and developing architecture for a ‘living’ review system.

I am an Honorary Fellow at the University of Liverpool and the NUPAcT Fellow in Translational Food Safety at Newcastle University in partnership with the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Within my role, I aim to provide policy-appropriate ‘living’ evidence collation and synthesis, and risk assessment tools and mechanisms to aid the FSA’s role in ensuring food for consumption is safe from foodborne disease and food supplies are sustainable.

Research Group Membership

Research Grants

Big Data approaches to host-pathogen mapping: EID2 - an open-access, taxonomically- and spatially-referenced database of pathogens and their hosts


October 2016 - March 2018