Photo of Dr Marie McIntyre

Dr Marie McIntyre Ph.D, BSc (HONS)

Epidemiologist, Senior Analyst on GBADs Livestock & One Health


Personal Statement

With a background in Environmental Science (University of East Anglia) and PhD in wildlife epidemiology (University of Stirling), I have worked as an epidemiologist in veterinary and human public health in the UK and internationally for the last 20 years. In addition to working in academia, I've worked on disease outbreaks in Defra funded projects, as well as leading a trial implementation of modern molecular surveillance methods for gastrointestinal disease within the UK public health system. I led development of the One Health teaching curriculum OH_curriculum on the HORN project, including two tiers of online learning, and developing and leading the inaugural 2-week Masterclass including a 3-day statistics workshop in the Horn of Africa. I have also taught epidemiology and statistics at UoLiverpool, Public Health England and the Pirbright Institute. My current position is as Senior Analyst on the Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) programme, where I work across the programme to standardise literature searching methodologies and develop architecture for a future ‘living’ review system. In addition, I use data science methods to capture information on diseases and syndromes from the published literature and World Wide Web, using these to understand more about how much disease occurs, in which hosts, when and where. For 2021-22, I am Senior-Vice President of the Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. I am particularly interested in the drivers and control measures for infectious and non-infectious disease, with a focus on using a One Health ethos and food security.