Photo of Dr Jonathan Read

Dr Jonathan Read PhD BSc

Lecturer in Epidemiology ZZ (DO NOT USE) was Epidemiology and Population Health


    Research Interest 1

    Transmission and control of infectious diseases, both in humans and animals. Mathematical modelling of infection and evolutionary processes. Measuring and understanding contact networks.

    Research Group Membership

    Research Grants

    Social assortativity and contagious processes in modern Britain.


    December 2012 - June 2014

    BBSRC Research experience placement - Bethany Levick


    July 2012 - September 2012

    Research Collaborations

    Mike Begon


    Epidemiology and ecology of squirrel-pox within red and grey squirrels.

    Prof Andrew Fearne

    External: University of Kent

    Improving the surveillance of respiratory infections and national health by analysing sales of flu-remedies and associated healthcare products from a leading UK supermarket.

    Deirdre Hollingsworth

    External: Imperial College London

    Human travel patterns and infectious disease importation.

    Julian Chantrey


    Modelling squirrelpox dynamics

    Dr Peter White

    External: Imperial College London; Public Health England

    Quantifying healthcare-seeking behaviour of the UK public during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

    Dr Justin Lessler

    Project: FluScape -- the immune landscape of southern China
    External: John Hopkins University

    Dr Shweta Bansal

    External: Pennsylvania State University

    Developing theory and models of individual behavioural responses to infection.

    Dr Eiko Yoneki

    External: University of Cambridge

    Mobile phones and pandemics

    Prof Jon Crowcroft

    External: The University of Cambridge

    Using mobile phones to measure social mixing and syndromic incidence during pandemics.

    Prof John Edmunds

    External: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    Human contact patterns.

    Dr Stephen Riley

    Project: FluScape -- the immune landscape of southern China
    External: University of Hong Kong, China

    Dr Derek Cummings

    Project: FluScape -- the immune landscape of southern China; SMART study of US schoolchildren
    External: John Hopkins University

    Prof Matt Keeling

    External: The University of Warwick

    Theoretical epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases