Photo of Dr Ian Wilson

Dr Ian Wilson PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate Institute of Infection, Veterinary & Ecological Sciences


Personal Statement

I am working in the Plaistow/Paterson groups to study evolutionary adaptations to climate change in Daphnia magna in a highly varied role. In the lab, I perform microsatellite genotyping for samples collected across time points to accompany phenotypic data acquired by colleagues, as well as conducting a long-term lab-based experiment assessing acquisition and maintenance of methylation patterns in response to temperature stressors, and extractions of HMW DNA for sequencing. I am also responsible for bioinformatic analysis of data generated through these activities.

I am interested in evolutionary genomics as well as the mechanisms behind, and functions of, phenotypic plasticity. More generally, my interests are in the application of molecular biology and bioinformatics to study these research areas.

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Microbiology at the University of Liverpool, I went on to work for 9 months as a Research Technician in the university's Microbiology laboratory. This role was part of a KTP with United Utilities looking at the recovery rate of bacteria in treated sewage. Following this, I completed a PhD in the IIB's Functional and Comparative Genomics department, studying the genetic differences between members of the protozoan genus Entamoeba in an effort to understand how these differences affect species' abilities to parasitise hosts. After a brief role in marketing and communications, I returned to academia as a postdoctoral researcher at Bangor University where I acted as bioinformatician for a Genome-Wide Association Study of a population of cichlid fish undergoing sympatric speciation.