Photo of Dr Georgios Pollakis

Dr Georgios Pollakis PhD

Senior research Fellow Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology


    Selected Publications

    1. Blood CXCR3(+) CD4 T Cells Are Enriched in Inducible Replication Competent HIV in Aviremic Antiretroviral Therapy-Treated Individuals (Journal article - 2018)
    2. CD25(+) FoxP3(+) Memory CD4 T Cells Are Frequent Targets of HIV Infection In Vivo (Journal article - 2016)
    3. Temporal and spatial analysis of the 2014–2015 Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa (Journal article - 2015)
    4. Characterisation of Transmitted and Non-transmitted HIV in Index-recipient Transmission Pairs (Conference Paper - 2014)
    5. Envelope-Specific Epitope Recognition Patterns of HIV Vaccine-Induced IgG Antibodies Are Linked to Immunogen Structure and Sequence (Journal article - 2019)