Dr Gail Leeming BVetMed MPhil PhD FHEA FRCPath MRCVS

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology Vet Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology


Research Overview

I am involved in collaborative research on a range of diseases, particularly looking at pathogenesis of infectious diseases (influenza virus, herpesviruses). Part of the group at the University of Liverpool who is a partner of the Cetacean Strandings investigation Project, based at the Zoological Society of London.

Research Interest 1

I am interested in the pathogenesis of disease, in particular, the interaction between the host and respiratory viral pathogens and am an associate member of the Department of Infection Biology, in the Institute of Infection and Global Health.
I am currently looking at the response of the host respiratory epithelium and immune system to different respiratory viruses, including MHV-68 (a gammaherpesvirus of mice, which is a model of similar viruses in man and other species), Respiratory syncytial virus (an important cause of respiratory disease in young children) and Influenza virus.
I am also investigating the relationship between Equine herpesvirus 5 and Equine multinodular pulmonary fibrosis, a relatively recently described chronic disease in horses, the pathogenesis of which is poorly understood, but may have parallels with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and Epstein Barr virus in people.
In addition I collaborate with the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool, and with colleagues at the University of Sheffield and Queen's University Belfast.

Research Grants

The Role of SPLUNC1/BPIFA1 in the Host Response to Respiratory Virus Infection


May 2013 - July 2016

Investigation of the pathogenesis of Equine Multinodular Pulmonary Fibrosis and the sensitivity of EHV-5 to anti-viral therapy


October 2011 - March 2013