Photo of Dr Daniel Wootton

Dr Daniel Wootton MBChB DTM+H MRCP (Respiratory) PhD

NIHR Advanced Fellow, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology


    Personal Statement

    I work on respiratory tract infections.
    In particular, the syndromes - community and hospital acquired pneumonia (CAP and HAP).
    I focus on these diseases because they are common, severe and investment in the understanding and management of these conditions has been poor.

    CAP is the commonest infection related reason for being admitted to hospital in the UK.
    HAP is the most common hospital associated infection in UK.
    CAP has a higher in-patient mortality than either stroke or heart attack.
    HAP is even more severe with an in-patient mortality of 30% or more.

    The research approach is comprehensive and starts with questions raised by patients.
    We have spent time interviewing patients to learn about their experiences of pneumonia -Introduction video - HAP interview -Patient 1 video - Patient 2 video - Patient 3 video - Patient 4 video - Patient 5 video -

    Patients have told us the questions they think are important to research, in particular -

    "why did I get pneumonia ?"
    "what caused my pneumonia ?"
    "how long will it take me to get better ?"

    From these questions we are developing research programmes investigating
    1. patient reported outcome measures to understand the dynamics of recovery
    2. a comprehensive understanding of the aetiological agents involved in pneumonia so we can improve treatment
    3. a better understanding of why patients develop pneumonia and of which patients do badly - so we can focus on those who are at particular risk