Photo of Dr Cyril Caminade

Dr Cyril Caminade PhD

Tenure Track Fellow Livestock & One Health


    Selected Publications

    1. Global risk model for vector-borne transmission of Zika virus reveals the role of El Niño 2015 (Journal article - 2017)
    2. Impact of climate change on global malaria distribution (Journal article - 2014)
    3. Modelling the effects of past and future climate on the risk of bluetongue emergence in Europe (Journal article - 2012)
    4. Suitability of European climate for the Asian tiger mosquito <i>Aedes albopictus</i>: recent trends and future scenarios (Journal article - 2012)
    5. Twentieth century Sahel rainfall variability as simulated by the ARPEGE AGCM, and future changes (Journal article - 2010)