Department of Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology
Kadioglu, Professor ArasHead of Department0151 795 9612 Ext:59612
Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology, CIMI - Principal Investigators
Allison, Professor HeatherReader
Baker, Professor KateSenior Lecturer
Barr, Dr DavidACL in Infectious Diseases
Blake, Dr NeilSenior Lecturer0151 795 9628
Carrol, Professor EnitanProfessor0151 794 9535 Ext:49535
Cunliffe, Professor NigelProfessor0151 795 9660
Davies, Professor GeraintProfessor0151 795 9685 Ext:59685
Defres, Dr SylvianeClinical Speciality Lead
Ellul, Dr MarkClinical Lecturer NIHR
Evans, Dr CeriNIHR ACL
Fothergill, Professor JoSenior Lecturer0151 795 9646
French, Professor NeilProfessor0151 795 9630
Gordon, Professor MelitaClinical Professor (Malawi)
Griffiths, Professor MichaelReader0151 795 9657
Hinton, Professor JayProfessor
Kadioglu, Professor ArasProfessor 0151 795 9612
Lewis, Dr JosephACL in Infectious Diseases
Michael, Professor BenedictReader
Paxton, Professor BillProfessor0151 795 9605
Pollakis, Dr GeorgiosSenior Lecturer
Semple, Professor CalumProfessor (Clinical)
Solomon, Professor TomProfessor0151 795 9633
Stockdale, Dr AlexanderACL in Infectious Diseases
Toh, Professor Cheng-HockProfessor
Turtle, Dr LanceSenior Clinical Lecturer0151 795 9687
Turtle, Dr LanceSenior Clinical Lecturer0151 795 7554
Wedley, Dr AmyLecturer
Yang, Dr MarieSenior Scientific Manager0151 795 9606 Ext:59606
Zhang, Dr QiboSenior Lecturer0151 795 9677
CIMI - Fellows
Achieng, Dr SheillaClinical Research Fellow
Burdon Bailey, Miss JordanaResearch Fellow
Cornick, Dr JenTenure Track Fellow
Delaney, Mrs LucyResearch Fellow
Dale, Dr HelenWellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow
Doherty, Dr KlaraClinical Research Fellow
Gerken, Dr KeliLiverpool Clinical PhD Programme Fellow
Glazer, Ms CamilleResearch Fellow
Goodwin, Dr LynseyClinical Research Fellow
Haigh, Dr KathrynClinical Research Fellow
Huang, Dr YunClinical Fellow in Neurology
Hungerford, Dr DanTenure Track Fellow0151 795 1455 Ext:51455
Tenure Track Fellow0151 794 9841
Johnston, Dr PeterLiverpool Clinical PhD Programme Fellow - Health Priorities in the Global South
Kirolos, Dr AmirWellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow
Lenihan, Dr RebeccaClinical Research Fellow
Lissauer, Dr SamanthaClinical Research Fellow (Malawi)
Nielsen, Dr MarykeClinical Research Fellow
Price, Dr VivienClinical Research Fellow
Schofield, Dr JeremyClinical Research Fellow
Shadia, Dr KhandakerFellow
Shaw, Dr RebeccaClinical Research Fellow
Singh, Dr BhagteshwarClinical Research Fellow (India)
Singleton, Dr DavidResearch Fellow
Spencer, Dr StephenClinical Research Fellow
Witte, Dr DesireeSenior Research Fellow (Malawi)
Wood, Dr GretaClinical Research Fellow
Wootton, Dr DanielSenior Clinical Research Fellow0151 795 9667
Yong, Dr Jun XiangClinical Research Fellow
CIMI - Research Staff
Amadeo, Dr FrancescoResearch Associate
Ashworth, Ms EleriResearch Assistant
Austin, Dr JamesPostdoctoral Research Associate
Baltazar, Dr MuriellePostdoctoral Research Associate
Beentjes, Mr DaanResearch Assistant
Betts, Dr ModupehResearch Assistant
Brady, Dr AislingPostdoctoral Research Associate
Bronowski, Dr ChristinaResearch Associate
Cattelan, Dr NataliaResearch Associate
Chong, Dr CharlotteResearch Associate
Clarke, Ms OceanResearch Assistant
Collie, Ms CeryceResearch Assistant
Davies, Miss KyraResearch Assistant
De Silva, Dr MalakaResearch Associate
Diffey, Dr BenjaminResearch Associate
Dobson, Ms SusanResearch Assistant
Dop, Dr RomyResearch Assistant
Du, Dr MinPostdoctoral Research Associate
Libby, Dr LibertyResearch Associate
Dunai, Dr CordeliaResearch Associate
Finch, Dr LornaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Gollop, Miss MollyResearch Technician
Green, Dr AngharadPostdoctoral Research Associate
Hetherington, Dr ClaireResearch Associate
Hering, Miss LuisaResearch Assistant
Jeffery, Dr CarolineResearch Associate
Jones, Mr ChristopherResearch Technician
Krishnamurthi, Dr RevathyResearch Associate
Lett, Miss LaurenResearch Assistant
Leon-Rios, Dr MiguelResearch Associate
Moore, Dr ShonaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Mwendera, Dr ChikondiResearch Associate
Jacques , Dr LauraPostdoctoral Research Associate
Navvuga, Ms PatriciaHealth Economist
Egbe Franklyn, Dr Nkongho
O'Neill, Miss Catherine Research Technician
Pendered, Miss SophieResearch Assistant
Perez Sepulveda, Dr BlancaResearch Associate
Platt, Mr GarethResearch Assistant
Pottenger, Dr SianPostdoctoral Research Associate
Sheridan, Dr VictoriaResearch Associate
Su, Dr DunhaoResearch Associate
Thomas, Dr JordanResearch Associate
Xu, Dr RongResearch Associate
Yang, Dr Marie0151 795 9606
CIMI Professional Services
Armstrong, Dr JaneTechnical Manager0151 795 1128
Baker, Ms AlisonTechnician
Carey, Mr AndrewProject Manager
Hodel, Dr Eva MariaBrain Infections Group Project Manager0151 795 7552
Howarth, Dr DebbieSenior Technician0151 795 9621
Hardwick, Mrs HayleyProject Manager0151 795 9672
Jones, Dr TrevorSenior Technician
Kallberg Zvrskovec, Mr JohanDatabase Developer
Northey, Mrs SarahTechnical Supervisor
Ryan, Mrs KarenTechnician
Thomas, Mrs CaroleDepartmental Administrator0151 795 4402 Ext:54402
Research Technician
Wallis, Miss EllyResearch Programme Coordinator
Wilcock, Miss EveResearch Technician