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October 2019 | The Annual Conference

We are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Annual Event of the Centre for Global Vaccine Research (CGVR).  The event is taking place on 24/10/19 at the Foresight Centre, Liverpool. Our Annual Event is an opportunity to review the progress in vaccine work, including local and global activities, from our junior researchers and invited expert speakers. Annual 2019 Flyer

February 2019 | Typhoid vaccine may protect against other infections

New research by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine shows that vaccination with weakened strains of Salmonella may also protect against other infections. Published in the journal Science Advances, the experimental study presents promising data on the 'non-specific' immune response triggered by the live oral typhoid vaccine Ty21a. Read More..

February 2019 | PhD student attendance at GCRF Networks Vaccinology Course, Bangkok

One of our PhD students, Eleanor Senior, was recently accepted on to the Global Challenges Research Fund Networks Vaccinology Course, hosted in Bangkok, Thailand. Eleanor is currently working on her PhD research into vaccine candidates for bovine trichomoniasis. Read More.. 

December 2018 | Rotavirus research recognised in UK’s Best Breakthrough list

Life-saving research into rotavirus, led by Professor Nigel Cunliffe, has been described as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs for its transformational impact on child health across the world. Our research has played a key role in the introduction and evaluation of a vaccine for the highly infectious stomach bug, which kills around 200,000 infants and children each year and hospitalises many more. Read More..

November 2018 | Breakthrough in how deadly pneumococcus avoids immune defences

Scientists at the University of Liverpool, led by Professor Aras Kadioglu, have discovered a new and important function of a toxin produced by disease-causing bacteria that could have significant implications for future vaccine design. Read More..

November 2018 | CGVR hosts second Annual Meeting

The Centre held the second of its Annual Meeting’s at the Liverpool Medical Institute on 1st November 2018. 100 delegates were welcomed on the day to hear talks from our own junior researchers, plus guest speakers Professor Brian Shiels, Dr Helen Fletcher and Professor Brendan Wren. The day was wrapped up with a successful open discuss with expert panel members, Professor Allan Saul, Professor Ed Lavelle, Dr Mary Ramsay and Professor Jayne Hope.