Liver Fluke


Collaboration is an increasingly important concept within research and the liver fluke group work with a number of other departments and institutes within the University of Liverpool including:

Professor Matthew Baylis - an epidemiologist within the Institute of Infection and Global Health who is interested in the effect of climate change on disease.

Professor Steve Paterson – a member of the Institute of Integrative Biology and a vital member of the group, developing the genomic and population genetic research we are conducting into liver fluke.

Professor Lu-Yun Lian - who is director of the NMR Centre for Structural Biology and will assist with our work on liver fluke metabolomics.

We also work closely with Professor John Dalton (Queens University Belfast) and Professor Grace Mulcahy (University College Dublin), both of whom are well known in the field of liver fluke research.

We are developing collaborations with the Animal Health Trust through our work with Dr Jan Van Dijk and the University of Camagüey in Cuba.

The University of Liverpool is also a member of the Livestock Helminth Research Alliance (LiHRA).