Institute of Infection and Global Health

Cunliffe, Prof Nigel Dean  0151 795 9660 
Parker, Dr Joanne Head of Operations  0151 795 9618 
Owen, Mrs Doreen PA to Head of Operations  0151 795 9607 
Cucchi, Mrs Angela PA to Dean of Institute  0151 795 9626 

Department of Infection Biology

Williams, Prof Diana Head of Department, Infection Biology  0151 795 0220 
Hudson-Browne, Ms Jill Administrator to Infection Biology  0151 794 4229 
Davies, Ms Hannah IB Apprentice  0151 794 1513 

Department of Epidemiology and Population Health

Christley, Prof Rob Interim Head of Department, Epidemiology and Population Health  0151 794 6170 
Paine, Ms Janis Administrator to Epidemiology and Population Health  0151 794 6135 

Department of Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology

French, Prof Neil Interim Head of Department, Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology  0151 795 9630 
Owen, Mrs Doreen Administrator to CIMI  0151 795 9607 

IGH Human Resources Administration

Nelson, Mrs Helen Administrator  0151 795 9623 

IGH Management Services Team

Bolan, Mrs Susan Administrator to the SAVSNET Group  0151 795 6080 
Cucchi, Mrs Angela Administrator  0151 795 9626 
Davies, Ms Hannah Apprentice 
Glennon-Alty, Dr Rebecca Science Communication and Public Engagement Officer  0151 795 9656 
Hatton, Ms Jenifer PA to Professor T. Solomon  0151 795 7577 
Hudson-Browne, Ms Jill Administrator  0151 794 4229 
Kelly, Mrs Clare Management Services Team Leader  0151 795 9632 
McCallum, Mr Andrew Research Project Administrator 
Nelson, Mrs Helen Administrator  0151 795 9623 
Owen, Mrs Doreen Administrator  0151 795 9607 
Paine, Ms Janis Administrator  0151 794 6135 
Yates, Mr S Receptionist  0151 795 9647  

IGH Student Experience Team

Hudson-Browne, Ms Jill Student Experience Administrator  0151 794 4229 
Toole, Mrs Eleanor Student Experience Administrator (PGR)  0151 794 9573 
Hand, Miss Laura Student Experience Administrator (MRes)  0151 794 5314 

IGH Finance and Research Team

McCall, Mrs Sue Finance and Research Team Leader  0151 795 9635 
Jackson, Mrs Catherine Finance Administrator  0151 795 9648 
Godfrey, Mrs Angela Finance Administrator  0151 795 9666 
Lawrence, Mr Daniel Finance Assistant  0151 794 9874 
Lee, Mrs Jackie Research Project Officer  0151 795 9610 
Murphy, Mr Sean Research&Finance Apprentice 
Ramos, Mrs Sheryl Research Administrative Assistant  0151 795 8305 
Sanford, Miss Steph Finance Assistant  0151 795 7553 
Sweeney, Ms Jessica Finance Assistant  0151 795 9678 

Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU)

Cooper, Mrs Louise HPRU Project Manager  0151 795 9675 
Grimbly, Mrs Victoria HPRU Project Officer  0151 795 8317 

HORN Office

Lutton, Mr William Horn Project Manager 
Cooper, Mr Nik Horn Administrator 

Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology, CIMI - Principal Investigators

Aston, Dr Stephen Academic Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases 
Benjamin, Dr Laura Academic Clinical Lecturer (Neurology)  0151 795 9667 
Blake, Dr Neil Senior Lecturer  0151 795 9628 
Carrol, Prof Enitan Professor  0151 794 9535 
Christmas, Dr Steve Senior Lecturer  0151 795 9643 
Cunliffe, Prof Nigel Professor  0151 795 9660 
Davies, Dr Geraint Reader   0151 795 9685 
French, Prof Neil Professor  0151 795 9630 
Fothergill, Dr Jo Lecturer  0151 795 9646 
Geretti, Prof Anna Professor  0151 795 9625 
Gordon, Prof Melita Professor (Malawi) 
Griffiths, Dr Michael Senior Clinical Lecturer  0151 795 9657 
Iturriza-Gomara, Prof Miren Professor  0151 795 9629 
Kadioglu, Prof Aras Professor   0151 795 9612 
McGill, Dr Fiona Academic Clinical Lecturer in Medical Microbiology  0151 795 9649 
Moxon, Dr Chris Academic Clinical Lecturer  0151 795 9677 
Neill, Dr Daniel Lecturer  0151 795 9622 
Ng, Prof Lisa Professor (Singapore) 
Paxton, Prof Bill Professor  0151 795 9605 
Solomon, Prof Tom Professor  0151 795 9626 
Toh, Prof Cheng-Hock Professor  0151 795 9637 
Van De Wijgert, Prof Janneke Professor  0151 795 9613 
Wingfield, Dr Thomas Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases  0151 795 9667 
Winstanley, Prof Craig Professor  0151 795 9642 
Zhang, Dr Qibo Senior Lecturer  0151 795 9677 

CIMI - Fellows

Barr, Dr David Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow  0151 795 9668 
Brindle, Dr Hannah Clinical Research Fellow 
Cocker, Dr D Wellcome Trust Clincial Fellow   
Defres, Dr Sylviane Clinical Research Fellow  0151 795 9600 
Ellul, Dr Mark ABN Clinical Research Fellow   0151 795 9606 
Freyne, Dr Bridget Senior Research Fellow (Malawi) 
Hungerford, Mr Dan Research Fellow  0151 795 9609 
Kamtchum Tatuene, Dr Joseph Wellcome Trust Fellow 
Lawes, Dr Timothy Wellcome Trust Clincial Research Fellow 
Lant, Dr Suzannah Zika/Chikugunya Research Fellow 
Nielsen, Dr Maryke Wellcome Trust Clincial Research Fellow 
Mambule, Dr Ivan Clinical Research Fellow (Malawi) 
Michael, Dr Benedict Senior Clinical Research Fellow 
Pollakis, Dr Georgios Senior Research Fellow  0151 795 9605 
Ray, Dr Stephen Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow 
Stockdale, Dr Alexander Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow 
Stott, Dr Katharine Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow 
Turtle, Dr Lance Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow  0151 795 7554 
Whitfield, Dr Thomas NIHR Fellow 
Wilson, Miss Catherine Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow   
Witte, Dr Desiree Senior Research Fellow (Malawi) 
Wootton, Dr Daniel Senior Clinical Research Fellow  0151 795 9667 
Yang, Dr Marie CGVR Research Fellow  0151 795 9606 

CIMI - PGR Students

Adaken, Ms C PhD student  0151 795 9631  
Ahmed, Mr M PhD student   
Alyami, Dr A PhD Student  0151 795 9621  
Al-Bayati, Mr Zaid PhD Student   
Al-Thagafi, Ms H J PhD student  0151 795 9676  
Alsahag, Mr M A PhD student  0151 795 9614  
Botas Perez, Ms L PhD student   
Brown, Mr J L PhD student   
Chaguza, Mr C PhD student  0151 795 9617  
Clarke, Ms J PhD student  0151 795 9614  
Coombes, Ms N S PhD student   
Cox, Mr Jonathan PhD Student   
Derrick, Ms J L PhD student   
Ebrahim, Mr H PhD student   
Feasey, Dr Nicholas PhD Student   
Gill, Ms A C PhD student   
Goldsmith, Ms P M PhD student   
Hamid, Mr S PhD student   
Heinsbroek, Ms Ellen PhD Student  0151 795 9609 
Hilliam, Miss Y PhD Student   
Ho, Dr Antonia 
Ishtar Mohammed, Miss I PhD Student   
Jameson, Miss Lisa Jane 
Jones, Ms E   0151 795 9665  
Joyner, Mr G P PhD student   
Kelly, Mr Daniel   0151 795 9616 
Law, Ms A PhD student   
Lock, Mr G PhD student   
Malak, Mr H A PhD   
Mckay, Ms Lindsay PhD student   
Medialdea Carrera, Ms R PhD student   
Moore, Mr Matthew PhD Student  0151 795 9624 
Musicha, Mr P PhD student   
Nubgan, Mr Amer PhD student  0151 795 9621 
Pennington, Mr Shaun PhD Student   
Poonsiri, Ms T PhD student   
Pouget, Ms M PhD student  0151 795 9639  
Puksuriwong, Miss S PhD Student   
Pulawska, Miss A M PhD Student   
Qaddoori, Mr Y B PhD student  0151 795 9676  
Rayamajhi, Dr Ajit MPhil Student 
Scott, Miss A PhD student   
Segura, Mr J V PhD student  0151 795 9621  
Tatullo, Mr F PhD Student   
Taylor, Miss Aimee PhD Student  0151 795 9639 
Trainor, Dr Eamonn 
Tsakiroglou, Ms M PhD student   
Van Tonder, Ms L PhD student   
Villa, Mr G PhD student   
Wali, Mr M R PhD student   
Wong, Mr Chang    
Xu, Ms R PhD student   
Yahya, Miss Reham   0151 795 9617 
Zaki, Miss L PhD Student   
Zhu, Ms J PhD student   

CIMI - Associate Members

Smalley, Dr John Associate 

CIMI - Research Staff

Alhamdi, Dr Yasir Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 9617 
Baltazar, Dr Murielle Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Beloukas, Dr Apostolos Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 9617 
Bricio Moreno, Dr Laura Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 9614 
Bronowski, Dr Christina Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 9674 
Burrow, Dr Kimberley Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Ennis, Ms Katherine Research Assistant 
Flatley, Dr Janet Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Green, Miss Angharad Research Assistant 
Hasan, Dr Chowdhury Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Jacques, Dr Laura Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Moore, Dr Shona Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Panagiotou, Dr Stavros Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Prince, Dr Tessa Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 9609 
Ruggiero, Ms A Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 9624  
Shears, Dr Rebecca Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Smith, Ms Debra Research Assistant (PUMA, AHCH) 
Verwijs, Mr Marinus Research Assistant 
Wright, Dr Laura Postdoctoral Research Associate 

CIMI Professional Services

Broughton, Ms C Senior Technician  0151 795 9621  
Cocklin, Miss Elizabeth Database Administrator Intern 
Crabtree, Mr Kieran Data Manager (BIG)  0151 795 9670 
Dearing, Miss Emma Research Technician  0151 795 9638 
Howarth, Dr Debbie Senior Technician  0151 795 9621 
Hardwick, Mrs Hayley ENCEPH UK Programme Manager  0151 795 9672 
Miah, Miss Nahida Research Technician 
Reid, Mr W Technician  0151 795 9614  
Sales, Mrs Debra Safety Supervisor for Ronald Ross Building and IC2 Building  0151 795 9614 
Scully, Mr Michael ENCEPH Data Manager  0151 795 9688 
Sheridan, Dr Victoria Senior Technician 

Epidemiology and Population Health, EPH - Principal Investigators

Archer, Prof Debbie Professor  0151 795 6036 
Baylis, Prof Matthew Professor/Research Strategic Lead  0151 794 6084 
Christley, Prof Rob Professor/Interim Head of Department  0151 794 6170 
Fevre, Prof Eric Professor (Kenya)  0151 324 1241 
Jones, Dr Philip Lecturer   0151 795 6056 
Latham, Dr Sophia Lecturer  0151 794 6195 
Pinchbeck, Dr Gina Reader  0151 794 6195 
Rushton, Prof Jonathan N8 Chair In Livestock Health and Production  0151 794 6113 
Williams, Prof Nicola Professor  0151 795 6051 

EPH - Fellows

Caminade, Dr Cyril Tenure Track Fellow  0151 795 8322 
Cornick, Dr Jen Tenure Track Fellow (Malawi) 
Kluiters, Dr Georgette BBSRC Future Leadership Fellow  0151 794 6036 
Wardeh, Dr Maya Rutherford Fellow  0151 794 6091 
Westgarth, Dr Carri Tenure Track Fellow  0151 795 6029 

EPH - Research Staff

Arsevska, Dr Elena Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Bellet, Dr Camille Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 6047 
Bettridge, Dr Judy Postdoctoral Research Associate (Kenya) 
Blagrove, Dr Marcus Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 6091 
Coyne, Dr Lucy Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 6036 
Falzon, Dr Laura Postdoctoral Research Associate (Kenya) 
Gilbert, Mr William Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Hamilton, Dr Katie Postdoctoral Research Associate (Kenya) 
Isgren, Miss Cajsa Research Assistant 
McIntyre, Dr Marie Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 8307 
Thomas, Dr Lian Postdoctoral Research Associate (Kenya) 
Turner, Dr Joanne Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 6173 

EPH - PGR Students

Abd Kadir, Dr Saifullizam PhD Student 
Beale, Miss Sophie PhD Student   
Begeman, Ms S PhD Student   
Chapman, Miss Gail PhD Student  0151 795 6011 
Collins, Miss Marisol MRes Student 
Elmerhebi, Mr Ezzeddine PhD Student 
Furtado, Miss Tamzin PhD Student 
Hassell, Mr James PhD student 
Hernandez-Colina, Mr. A PhD Student   
Holding, Miss Maya PhD Student 
Kemp, Mr S PhD Student   
Made, Ms L PhD Student   
McGinley, Ms Liz PhD Student 
McLeonard, Mrs Catherine PhD Student  0151 795 8323 
Melville, Miss Lynsey PhD Student 
Mesle, Miss Margaux 
Metelmann, Mr Soeren PhD Student 
Minter, Ms Amanda PhD Student 
Murphy, Miss Ellen PhD Student 
Newman, Dr Jenny PhD Student 
Pilgrim, Mr J PhD Student   
Purewal, Miss Rebecca PhD Student 
Robin, Miss Charlotte PhD Student 
Royden, Miss Alexandra PhD Student  0151 794 6079 
Sandoval Barron, Miss Elsa PhD Student  0151 794 6027 
Stokes, Miss Jessica PhD Student  0151 794 6036 
Tulloch, Mr J PhD Student   
Veysel, Mr B PhD Student   

EPH - Associate Members

Antic, Dr Dragan Associate 
Dawson, Prof Susan Associate  0151 794 6015 
Duncan, Dr Jennifer Associate  0151 794 6050 
Fishbourne, Dr Emma Associate 
Grove-White, Dr Dai Associate 
Higgins, Miss Helen Associate 
Maddox, Dr T Associate   
Michalopoulou, Dr Eleni Associate 
Mueller, Mrs Karin Associate 
Morse, Prof Andy Associate 
Noble, Dr P-J Associate 
Oikonomou, Dr George Associate 
Ricci, Dr Emanuele Associate 
Schmidt, Miss Vanessa Associate 
Scudamore, Prof Jim Associate 
Smith, Prof Rob Associate 

EPH Professional Services

Bolan, Mrs Susan SAVSNET Administrator  0151 794 6122 
Brett, Mrs Jan Technical Supervisor  7807 106 623 
Brant, Mrs Bethaney Project Manager SAVSNET  0151 795 6080 
Jones, Mr David Senior Research Technician  0151 794 6017 
Jones, Dr Trevor Senior Technician 
Llewelyn, Mrs Jenny Research Technician 
Paine, Ms Janis EPH Administrator  0151 794 6135 
Ryvar, Mrs Ruth Research Technician  0151 794 6014 
Sherlock, Mr Kenneth Entomology Technician  0151 794 6014 

Infection Biology, IB - Principal Investigators

Carter, Prof Stuart Professor  0151 794 4206 
Coombes, Dr Janine Lecturer  0151 795 0224 
Evans, Dr Nicholas Senior Lecturer  0151 794 4755 
Flynn, Dr Robin Senior Lecturer  0151 795 0460 
Ganapathy, Dr Kannan Senior Lecturer  0151 794 6019 
Hiscox, Prof Julian Professor  0151 795 0222 
Hodgkinson, Prof Jane Professor  0151 795 0223 
Jackson, Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer  0151 795 0225 
Makepeace, Dr Ben Reader  0151 794 1586 
Radford, Prof Alan Professor  0151 794 6121 
Stewart, Prof James Professor  0151 795 0221 
Wigley, Prof Paul Professor  0151 795 6049 
Williams, Prof Diana Head of Department  0151 795 0220 


Sakyi, Dr Lesley Senior Research Fellow 

IB - PGR Students

Alghamdi, Mrs Samia PhD Student 
Al Katy, Mrs Sanaria PhD Student 
Al-Saadi, Mr Mohammed 
Afonso, Miss Maria 
Aljabr, Mr Waleed 
Al-Khafaji, Mrs Alaa Mohammed 
Al Shekaili, Mr Thunai 
Banin-Plockey, Mr Stefan PhD Student 
Batra, Miss Ambalika 
Beesley, Ms Nicola 
Bell, Miss Jennifer 
Bin Gulam Ali, Mr Shamsul PhD Student 
Carmen-Vicente, Ms N. Honorary Research Assistant   
Clubbe, Miss Jayne 
Pointon, Mrs Charlotte 
Crayford, Miss Georgina 
García Dorival, Miss Graciela Isabel 
Germanus, Dr Soh Bah 
Graham-Brown, Mr John 
Hallowell-Evans, Miss Cara PhD Student 
Howell, Miss Alison 
Johnston, Mr Luke PhD Student 
Kamaludeen, Ms Juriah 
Kamaruzaman, Dr Intan Noor Aina PhD Student 
Lester, Miss Hannah 
Low, Mr Ross 
Luu, Miss Lisa 
Mahmood, Mr Zana PhD Student 
Manswr, Mr Basim 
Newbrook, Miss Kerry 
Nuchjangreed, Miss C Postgraduate student   
Peachey, Ms Laura 
Quinn, Mr Peter 
Rickett, Miss Natasha PhD Student 
Saulol Hamid, Mrs Nur 
Silva Pereira, Miss Sara 
Swift, Miss Heather PhD Student 
Staton, Mr Gareth 
Unjit, Mr Kittichai 
Walsh, Miss Tessa 
Zekeng, Miss Elsa-Gayle 

Associate Members

Blundell, Dr Richard Associate 
Chantrey, Prof Julian Associate 
Kipar, Prof Anja Associate 
Leeming, Dr Gail Associate 
McEwan, Dr Neil Associate 
Mcgarry, Dr John Associate   0151 794 1518 
Nuttall, Dr Tim Associate 
Papoula Pereira, Dr Rita Associate 
Ressel, Dr Lorenzo Associate 
Timofte, Dr Dorina Associate 
Verin, Dr Ranieri Associate 

IB- Research Staff

Armstrong, Dr Stuart Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 0234 
Beesley, Dr Nicola Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Ball, Dr Christopher Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Dong, Dr Xiaofeng Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Garcia-Dorival, Dr Graciela Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Graham-Brown, Mr John Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Howell, Miss Alison Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Luu, Ms Lisa Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Midha, Dr Samriti Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Petit-Jentreau, Dr L Postdoctoral Research Associate   
Randle, Dr Nadine Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 0234 
Silva Pereira, Miss Sara Research Assistant 
Walsh, Ms Tessa Research Assistant 

IB Professional Services

Bonner, Dr Shirley Research Technician  0151 794 6014 
Forrester, Mrs Anne Research Technician  0151 794 6014 
Glover, Mrs Catherine Research Technician 
Hartley, Mrs Catherine Senior Technician  0151 794 1495 
Hoyle, Miss Rebecca Research Technician 
Hudson-Browne, Ms Jill Management Services Team, Student Experience & IB Administrator  0151 794 4229 
Lowe, Mrs Jenna Research Technician  0151 795 0233 
Mullin, Dr Jennifer Research Technician 

Wellcome Trust Liverpool Glasgow Centre for Global Health Research

Spafford, Mr John Centre Manager  0151 794 5544 
Hart, Mrs Jane Programme Support Officer 

Honorary Members of Institute Staff

Abdul-Wahab, Professo O Recognised Supervsior   
Abrams, Dr Simon Honorary Lecturer  0151 795 9609 
Adak, Prof GK Honorary Professor   
Adamson, Dr D Honorary Snr Research Fellow   
Ahmed, Dr S Honorary Research Associate   
Al Mutery, Dr A Recognised Supervisor   
Aljabr, Dr W Honorary Fellow   
Almehmadi, Dr M Honorary Research Fellow   
Al-Omar, Mr S Honorary Research Fellow   
Ameen-Ali, Dr Kamar Honorary Fellow   
Andam, Ms C-M Honorary Research Fellow   
Angell, Dr J Honorary Research Associate   
Arguello Casteleiro, Dr M Honorary Fellow (Non Clinical)   
Baines, Dr P Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Banjara, Dr MR Honorary Lecturer   
Banos, Prof G Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Bar-Zeev, Dr N Honorary Reader   
Bartley, Dr D Honorary Lecturer   
Bates, Dr C Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Beeching, Dr Nick Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Beveridge, Dr N Honorary Research Assistant   
Bickerton, Dr E Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Blanchard, Dr T Hon Senior Lecturer   
Bolton, Prof F Honorary Professor   
Bonello, Dr M Honorary Clinical Tutor   
Borrow, Prof R Honorary Fellow   
Brabin, Prof B Honorary Research Fellow   
Bradbury, Dr J Honorary Research Fellow   
Brooks, Mr T Honorary Senior Clin Lecturer   
Brown, Prof D Honorary Professor   
Bruce, Dr Mieghan Honorary Research Fellow 
Cargill, Mr J Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Carlow, Dr C Recognised Supervisor   
Carman, Dr W Honorary Research Associate   
Carroll, Dr M Hon Research Fellow   
Chalmers, Prof R Recognised Supervisor   
Chawla, Dr A Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Cheeseborough, Dr J Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Choisy, Dr M Recognised Supervisor   
Clark, Dr G Recognised Supervisor   
Clarkson, Prof Michael Senior Research Fellow  07541 404 819 
Cleary, Dr P Honorary Research Fellow   
Clegg, Dr S Honorary Research Assistant   
Corless, Dr C Honorary Research Fellow   
Cossins, Mrs L Honorary Research Associate   
Craig, Dr P Honorary Research Fellow   
Cripps, Dr P Honorary Lecturer   
Daramola, Dr OJ Honorary Research Assistant   
Day, Dr M Honorary Research Assistant   
Diggle, Prof P Honorary Professor   
Doherty, Dr K Honorary Research Assistant    
Donaldson, Dr A Honorary Fellow   
Dowall, Dr S Honorary Research Fellow   
Drew, Dr R Honorary Clinical Sen Lecturer   
Dube, Dr Q Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Duggan, Dr J Honorary Lecturer   
Dutt, Dr Tina Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Easton, Dr A Honorary Fellow (Non-Clinical)   
Eisa, Prof Z Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Emsley, Dr H Honorary Lecturer   
Esemu, Dr S Honorary Fellow   
Everett, Dr D Honorary Reader   
Fadnis, Dr P Honorary Research Fellow   
Faragher, Dr B Honorary Professor   
Feasey, Dr N Honorary Research Fellow   
Fernandez, Dr C Honorary Research Fellow   
Figueroa Chavez, Ms W Honorary Research Assistant   
Floyd, Dr. R Honorary Fellow   
Folb, Dr J Honorary Research Associate   
Fooks, Prof A Honorary Professor   
French, Dr N Honorary Professor   
Ge, Mr X Honorary Research Associate   
Gee, Prof N Recognised Supervisor   
German, Dr A Honorary Research Fellow   
Green, Mr Jonathan Honorary Professor 
Gill, Ms Alessandra Honorary Research Assistant 
Graham, Dr S Recognised Supervisor   
Grant, Dr K Honorary Research Fellow   
Green, Mr J Honorary Professor   
Hall, Dr L Recognised Supervisor   
Hall, Dr I Honorary Lecturer   
Hanage, Dr W Recognised Supervisor   
Hancock, Ms C Honorary Research Assistant   
Hart, Dr I Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Hau, Ms S    
Hayden, Dr J Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Haywood, Ms S Honorary Research Assistant   
Heinsbroek, Ms E Honorary Research Associate   
Hewson, Dr R Honorary Lecturer   
Heyderman, Prof R Honorary Professor   
Hirt, Prof R Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Ho, Dr A Honorary Clinical Fellow   
Hopkins, Dr M Honorary Research Fellow   
Iqbal, Dr M Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Ivanovich, Prof A I Recognised Supervisor   
Jacob, Dr A Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
James, Dr C Honorary Research Fellow   
Jameson, Dr L Honorary Fellow   
Jennings, Ms R Honorary Research Assistant   
Jere, Dr Khuzwayo Honorary Research Fellow 
Johnston, Mrs. J Honorary Research Assistant   
Joinson, Dr C Recognised Supervisor   
Jones, Dr R Honorary Research Fellow   
Jongwutiwes, Prof S Honorary Visiting Professor   
Jung, Dr A Honorary Research Associate   
Kamng'Ona, Dr A Honorary Research Fellow   
Kelly, Mr D Honorary Research Assistant   
Kinder, Dr P Honorary Research Fellow   
Kipar, Prof A Honorary Professor   
Kneen, Dr R Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Kordas, Prof K Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Kreppel, Dr K Honorary Fellow   
Kruger, Ms A-C Honorary Research Assistant   
Kurioka, Dr A Honorary Research Assistant   
Kyriazakis, Prof I Recognised Supervisor   
Lalloo, Prof David Honorary Professor 
Lamden, Dr K Honorary Fellow   
Lamont, Dr I Honorary Research Associate   
Larner, Dr A Honorary Lecturer   
Leach, Prof S Honorary Professor   
Lees, Prof A Honorary Professor   
Lemon, Dr J Honorary Research Assistant   
Lester, Dr R Honorary Fellow   
Lewis, Dr J Honorary Clinical Fellow   
Lighton, Dr L L Honorary Research Fellow   
Lin, Dr Z Honorary Research Fellow   
Lindsay, Prof S Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Logue, Mr C Honorary Fellow   
Lomax, Mrs E Research Assistant   
Lopez, Mr A Honorary Fellow   
Lowe, Dr D Honorary Lecturer   
Mahedeven, Dr A Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Mahallawi, Dr W Honorary Research Fellow   
Maier, Dr H Honorary Recgnised Supervisor   
Mallucci, Mr Conor Honorary Lecturer   
Mandela, Dr W Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Manjunath, Dr Netravathi Honorary RecogniseSupervisor   
Mansfield, Dr K Honorary Research Assistant   
Martinez-Rodriguez, Dr C Honorary Technician   
Matata, Dr. B Honorary Lecturer   
Mathai, Dr E Honorary Research Fellow   
McCallum, Dr A Honorary Fellow   
McCann, Dr C Honorary Research Fellow   
McElhinney, Dr L Honorary Research Fellow   
McLauchlin, Prof J Honorary Professor   
Medlock, Dr J Honorary Lecturer   
Meghji, Dr J Honorary Fellow   
Meintjes, Prof G    
Meints, Dr K Recognised Supervisor   
Michael, Dr R Honorary Research Fellow   
Middleton, Prof D Honorary Professor   
Millard, Dr. J. Honoray Clin Research Fellow   
Miller, Dr. A. Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Meints, Prof K Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Moore, Miss S Honorary Research Assistant   
Morgan, Dr F Honorary Professor   
Moran, Dr D Recognised Supervisor   
Morton, Dr B Recognised Supervisor   
Moschovas, Dr. M. Honorary Research Assistant   
Msefula, Dr C Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Mwapasa, Dr V Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Nadjm, Dr B Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Nair, Prof V Honorary Professor   
Narbad, Dr A Honorary Research Fellow   
Naylor, Dr. C. Honorary Research Fellow   
Nenadic, Dr G Recognised Supervisor   
Ngwang, Dr T Honorary Fellow   
Nightingale, Dr S Honorary Research Fellow (Clin   
Nistal De Paz, Dr C Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Nuttall, Dr TJ Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Nwoye, Prof L Recognised Supervisor   
Nyirenda, Dr M Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Ooi, Dr Mong Honorary Research Fellow   
Osborne, Dr J Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Parkhill, Prof J Recognised Supervisor   
Parry, Dr C Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Patabendige, Dr A Honorary Research Fellow   
Patrick, Dr Ian Honorary Senior Research Fellow   
Pattabiraman, Ms C Honorary Research Fellow   
Paulus, Dr S Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Payungporn, Mr S Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Peachey, Miss L Honorary Research Fellow   
Pinder, Dr C Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Poovorawan, Prof Y Honorary Visiting Professor   
Porter, Dr D Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Putaporntip, Mr C Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Pym, Dr A Recognised Supervisor   
Ranson, Dr H Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Ravi, Prof V Honorary Professor   
Rayamajhi, Dr A Honorary Research Associate   
Regan, Prof C M Honorary Professor    
Read, Mr J Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Redmond, Dr L Honorary Research Fellow   
Riordan, Dr Andrew Riordan Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer   
Rogan, Prof M Recognised Supervisor   
Rose, Dr Nicola Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Roth, Dr A Recognised Supervisor   
Ruggiero, Dr Alessandra Honorary Research Associate 
Rushton, Dr R Honorary Research Fellow   
Sanchez Vizcaino Buendia, Dr F Recognised Supervisor   
Satischandra, Prof P Honorary Professor   
Scantlebury, Miss C Honorary Fellow   
Seago, Dr J Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Semper, Dr A Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Seydel, Prof K Recognised Supervisor   
Sharma, Ms P Honorary Research Assistant   
Shokrollahi, Prof K Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Sloan, Dr D Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Smith, Dr C Honorary Fellow   
Squire, Dr S Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Stephenson, Prof J Honorary Professor   
Stach, Dr J Recognised Supervisor   
Stewart, Dr M Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Stolbrink, Dr M Honorary Research Assistant   
Stringer, Dr A Honorary Lecturer   
Simcox, Dr D Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Sunny, Miss Syba Honorary Research Associate 
Taylor, Prof D Honorary Professor   
Theobald, Dr S Honorary Professor   
Thorburn, Dr K Honorary Lecturer 
Trainor, Dr E Honorary Research Assistant   
Torr, Prof S Honorary Professor   
Trees, Prof A Honorary Professor   
Tripp, Prof R Honorary Professor   
Van Den Broek, Prof N R Honorary Professor   
Van-Dijk, Dr J Honorary Lecturer   
Van Hoyweghen, Prof I Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Venkatasqamy, Dr M Honorary Fellow   
Vipond, Dr R Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Vivancos, Dr R Honorary Senior Lecturer   
Walshaw, Prof M Honorary Professor   
Wang, Dr Guozheng Honorary Senior Lecturer  0151 795 9669 
Ward, Dr M Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Wastling, Prof J Honorary Professor   
Wattret, Dr G Honorary Research Associate   
Wedley, Dr A Honorary Research Associate   
Weeks, Prof Andrew Honorary Professor 
Wnek, Dr G Honorary Research Associate   
Welfare, Dr W Honorary Research Fellow   
Williamson, Dr J Honorary Lecturer   
Win, Dr L Honorary Research Assistant   
Woldehewit, Dr Z Honorary Reader   
Wright, Ms A Honorary Research Assistant   
Xia, Dr D Honorary Fellow   
Yao, Dr Y Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Young, Prof C Honorary Professor   
Yongxiu, Dr Y Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Zhenxing, Dr C Honorary Research Assistant   
Zhiru Lin, Dr Z Recognised Supervisor