Bug Busting Weekend at World Museum

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Researchers from the Institute recently joined forces with the British Society of Immunology (BSI) to host a weekend of free ‘bug busting’ activities for families at World Museum, Liverpool.

The event took place on 30 November and 1 December and was organised as part of the BSI Congress which ran from 2-5 December at Liverpool's Arena and Convention Centre (ACC).

Over 500 visitors attended and took part in a range of fun, interactive activities exploring how the body does battle with bugs and germs. Highlights included the BSI’s ‘Phagocyte Gobble’ game where children played the role of a phagocyte and tried to find as many toy bacteria hidden in a ball pool (or cells of the body) in 30 seconds, and IGH’s popular Germ War Craft activity which saw germs and immune system cells being made and added to a giant battlefield.

Seven staff and students from IGH were involved with the event and, for the very first time, they were also joined by enthusiastic undergraduate volunteers from the School of Life Sciences.

Science Communication Officer Nicola Frost said: “It was a really enjoyable event and a great chance for our researchers to get some hands-on outreach experience. We have a great relationship with the BSI’s public engagement team and by collaborating we are able to share ideas and best practice too.”

Science Communication Officer Nicola Frost with the germ war craft battlefield.