Research resources

If you're interested in researching Liverpool 08 or other major cultural events, here's a quick guide to getting the most out of the resources available on this website.

Getting the most out of the Impacts 08 site

The Impacts 08 site is an amazing archive of material for anyone researching culture-led regeneration, major cultural events, or Capitals of Culture. We've organised our resources to make things easy to find and accessible for researchers.

Our work is structured around several key research themes, so it's well worth having a look at these to get a real feel for our approach.

Your next point of call should be the publications section. Here you'll find all our published research about Liverpool 08 and its social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts. As well as Creating an Impact, our final report, you'll find lots of individual reports grouped into overview reports, thematic reports and background papers.

We've always been very keen on talking about our work, and you can find details of seminars and conferences we've held, and presentations we've given around the world, in the Seminars and events section. Many of these presentations are available to download.

As well as the main thrust of our research, we've also run several complementary programmes. In particular, if you're interested in the international implications of our work, you should have a look at our European Capitals of Culture Policy Group, which is disseminating our research framework internationally.

Our research has attracted a good amount of media coverage, and you'll find some of this (as well as some helpful summaries) in the Media resources section.

And finally, we also have a list of useful websites full of further places where you can track down valuable information.

Please note that we receive a lot of requests from students to complete questionnaires or take part in interviews, which unfortunately we're not usually able to assist with.

General information on Liverpool 08

You'll find loads of useful information about Liverpool's Capital of Culture year archived on the Liverpool 08 official website. The site is being developed and reports and further information will continue to be added. There are useful answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. It's also worth downloading a copy of the Liverpool Culture Company's Final Report.