Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic, 20-22 April 2006 University of Liverpool, UK

Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic is the first event in an ongoing project that seeks to explore the common ground shared by different and diverse approaches to the historical and cultural study of the Atlantic. Our starting point is the question of whether we can or should talk about an ‘Iberian Atlantic.’

How might such a space be located within the widening framework of Atlantic Studies, and what might it mean to scholars from different disciplines and traditions working on Iberian Studies in the widest sense?

How might research into specific Iberian experiences of the Atlantic whether cultural, historical, political, social or economic contribute to, confirm, or challenge the hegemonic narratives of Atlantic Studies, from which the Iberian perspective is so often absent?

By considering such questions, and encouraging contributors to identify the unresolved problems that obstruct the dialogue between the many approaches and research narratives that fill the Atlantic space, we hope to facilitate the identification and definition of future agendas for research.

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Francisco Bethencourt, Kings London
  • Professor Eliga Gould, University of New Hampshire
  • Professor Alistair Hennessy
  • Professor Richard Kagan,Johns Hopkins U
  • Professor Bill Marshall,U of Glasgow
  • Professor Diogo Ramada-Curto, EUI Florence

More information

For more information, please contact the organisers:

Dr Harald E. Braun
School of History
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7WZ

Dr Kirsty Hooper
School of Modern Languages
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7ZR





Conference sponsors

This conference was generously sponsored by:

  • The British Academy
  • University of Liverpool School of History
  • University of Liverpool School of Modern Languages
  • University of Liverpool Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS)
  • Society for Latin-American Studies (SLAS)