About the Iberian Atlantic Project

The "Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic Project" consists of a series of conferences, workshops and seminars to be hosted by the University of Liverpool's School of History and School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies.

The project aims to provide a forum where scholars working across the disciplines and across a broad geographical and chronological range can come together to discuss and develop the objectives of research into the Iberian Atlantic.


The Atlantic has, since the 1990s, become established as the principal site of cross-cultural encounter between Europe, Africa and America. Recent research continues to test the boundaries of established national and disciplinary research frameworks. The Iberian perspective, however, has remained largely absent from the now thriving field of Atlantic Studies. Studies of the many separate Atlantics, in turn, do not easily communicate with one another.

Events and publications tend to focus either on specific disciplines (e.g. History, Literature, Geography) or on specific time periods (e.g. the Renaissance, the Baroque, the mid-20th-century). While our understanding of particular cases and periods has thus advanced considerably, connections within and between the many separate Atlantics remain largely unexplored. Furthermore, despite its foundational role in the development of the Atlantic field, the importance of the Iberian Atlantic as an essential component of interdisciplinary Atlantic research is yet to be acknowledged.


Dr Harald Braun is Lecturer in European History (1300-1700) in the School of History. For more information about Harald's research, see his Staff webpage.