2010 Conference: Religion in the Hispanic Baroque: The First Atlantic Culture and its Legacy, The Foresight Centre, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 12-14 May 2010

This interdisciplinary conference will investigate the role of religion in the Hispanic Baroque. We propose to explore the Baroque not merely as a specific and historical set of literary, artistic and architectural styles. Rather we seek to study it as a complex cultural system that emerged from early modern transatlantic interaction and exchange of knowledge and imagination, and that continues to shape the political, social and cultural reality of the Atlantic world and beyond to this day.

Conference information

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Kenneth Mills (Toronto, CA): Sacred Journeys and Difficult Middles in the Early Modern Spanish World

F. Cervantes (Bristol, UK): The Supernatural in the Hispanic Baroque Imagination

Andrea Noble (Durham, UK): Severed Heads and Body Parts: Baroque Legacies in Mexican Visual Culture


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Conference programme

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