Forthcoming Events

For a full and regularly updated list of events which reflect the research interests within the Centre, please follow our blog.

Reading for Life: Shared Reading in Secure Mental Health Care

6th June 2019
University of Liverpool in London
33 Finsbury Square

This workshop will show case new research evidence from the Centre for Research and Reading, Literature and Society at the University of Liverpool and the Institute of Criminology Prisons Research Centre at the University of Cambridge on the impact of Shared Reading in secure forensic settings. Nick Benefield of the NHS/HMPPS Offender Personality Disorder Team will introduce the event which brings together reading practitioners, healthcare professionals and academic researchers to explore how best to achieve a culture of Shared Reading in secure mental healthcare.

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GRs and ECRs "Publishing in the social sciences: Tips, traps and transformations (Presentation and Workshop)

6th June 2019
Rendall Building
University of Liverpool

This event will provide advice and guidance on publishing in the social sciences aimed at ECR/fixed-term/post-doc researchers cross-faculty, University of Liverpool. It will focus on contemporary challenges for writing, with a focus on interdisciplinarity work and publishing; the importance of open access; predatory publishing; impact; presenting data.

Kristen’s presentation on publishing will be followed by a guided workshop with coffee and cake!

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Extreme Future Environments/Exhibition and Workshops

5-7 June 2019
Alder Hey Hospital

How do we talk about our environment in a changing world? In the face of global warming and pollution how can we preserve wonder, beauty and hope? On the 5th and 6th of June in the Alder Hey atrium you can join poets and academics from the University of Liverpool to explore visions of present and future environments through literature and art. Create your own illustrated artist books, write postcards from the future and think about how we might build a world we want to live in the face of profound ecological challenges

Non-Human Species Event

12-13 June 2019
Alder Hey Hospital

Join writers and researchers from the University of Liverpool in the atrium at Alder Hey for a creative and scientific exploration of animals and why they matter now more than ever!

Subversive Suffering: Pain and Patient Identity in Ancient and Modern Autobiographies - Workshop

Friday, 28 June 2019, 10.00-18.30
Arthur West Room, 8-11 Abercromby Square,
The University of Liverpool

The workshop brings together ancient and the modern pain narratives and explores, in particular, the ways in which pain offers individuals the capacity to revise and transform their understanding of themselves, their experiences, and their relationships with others. This mutually productive relationship, we maintain, leads to different understandings of pain and individual identity, but it also stretches the boundaries of narrative, leading to new and different ways to effective communicate what one experiences.

There is no fee for this event, which is open to all. If you are planning to attend, please
contact the organisers: Daniel King and Georgia Petridou

Frances Ivens Annual Lecture: Professor Tom Shakespeare

17th July, 5:00-7:00pm, The Liverpool Medical Institute

Title: This talk is going to hurt me more than it hurts you: the problem of pain

The opiate crisis in America, and now increasingly in Britain, highlights the problem of pain. But pain has always been with us, as many disabled people can tell you. How do we talk about it, how do we think about it, what do we do about it? In this talk, I will consider the social model of disability, the McGill Pain Questionnaire, the use of metaphors, the thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein, mind/body dualism and the phenomenology of pain. How well do we understand pain? How does pain impact quality of life? Why are we so bad at responding to it?

Research Methods in Arts and Health: Interdisciplinarity, Innovation, Impact.

November 2019 (date and time tbd)
School of the Arts Library, University of Liverpool

Research around arts and health has grown rapidly in recent years to keep pace with the widespread practice of arts activities in health contexts and with demands from health service providers for robust evidence of the efficacy of the arts in health care. This workshop brings together a range of disciplines and media (music, literature, film) to showcase methodologies which have evidenced the value of the arts in relation to mental health (dementia, depression and pain) and well-being. Innovative methods will be demonstrated alongside the application of established quantitative and qualitative approaches in this field.