The Centre for Humanities and Social Science of Health, Medicine and Technology brings leading research which explores how arts, creativity and critical scholarship enhances our understandings of medical and scientific practice.

The centre developed from The Centre for Health, Arts and Science [CHARTS], established by Professor Gillian Howie in 2012 to recognise the vital role that arts, humanities and creativity can play in enhancing our understandings of medical and scientific practice and of health and well-being across an individual’s life cycle and in different kinds of communities.

Spanning all three faculties at the University of Liverpool, CHSSoHMT brings together researchers who are working at the intersections of the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities.

It provides a home for medical humanities and social science research at the University of Liverpool as well as incorporating innovation in broader science-art collaborations in areas beyond the medical, including technological development and the environmental humanities.

The Centre is a founding member of the Northern Network of Medical Humanities Research.