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Are you still accepting applications to start in September 2021?

No, Applications for 2021/2022 have now closed, you would therefore have to apply for September 2022 entry which should be around October/November 2021 time so please contact us then for an application form at

How can I submit my application?

You can download an application form from the application page and email it to Due to current restrictions we can only accept email applications and are unable to accept any hard copies, so please do not send applications in the post or bring them to the University. Please note: Applications for 2021/2022 have now closed

Will I still have to attend an interview if I apply for September 2021?

We will still hold informal interviews as this gives us a chance to tell you more about the course and find out more about you. Due to current restrictions we will be arranging informal interviews remotely within a couple of weeks from application approval. If you have any questions, please email Please note: Applications for 2021/2022 have now closed

How will the course be run in September 2021?

The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented and continually changing. We continue to closely monitor the situation (the University has published it latest COVID-19 advice and guidance) and we will continue to put in place any measures required to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Please note: Applications for 2021/2022 have now closed

What does the Go Higher Diploma involve?

Go Higher is a part-time programme designed in such a way that you can fit it around your work or family commitments. There are classes on a Wednesday each week and additional material you can study in your own time, online and via email with your tutors.

What will I learn?

The Go Higher Diploma combines study skills training (for example how to take notes, academic writing and how to think critically) with learning sessions that will introduce you to a variety of disciplines and help you to become a confident, independent learner.

Subjects taught on Go Higher include:

  • English
  • History
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Maths for University entry

Who will teach me?

University of Liverpool staff present the lectures and provide online tutorial support. These are the same people who would teach you on your degree.

As a Go Higher student, you will also have an academic mentor and you will be able to use the University's award-winning student support services.

What kind of people do you get on Go Higher?

Walk down one of the shopping streets in the centre of Liverpool in the middle of the day. Look around for twenty minutes. We welcome everyone you see.

How is the Go Higher Diploma assessed?

We use a range of different types of assessment as you progress through the course. We can provide further details when we meet. 

Which degree courses can I study with my Go Higher Diploma?

At University of Liverpool you can study many of the programmes offered by our Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. These include; English, Sociology, Politics, Business Studies, History, Music, Law and Philosophy. You can choose to study single or joint subjects and we can give you the full list of options when we meet.

Once you have received your degree, you can even follow in the footsteps previous Go Higher students who have opted to study at Masters and PhD levels (one or two now lecture here!)

Please note, Go Higher would be an unsuitable pathway if you want to do a more science-based qualification. We would advise you look at courses which are targeted towards science or healthcare professions - for example, on our website there is information about the Foundation courses. For more information on these, and to see whether they would be suitable for you, please see below:

Find out more about Biological Sciences, Computer Science, including the relevant contact details.

Find out more about Dentistry, Midwifery, Nursing, Veterinary Science, Radiography, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy, including the relevant contact details.

How much does the Go Higher course cost?

The current course fees for 2021-22 are listed below, please note these will change for 2022/2023.  The Registration Fee or the first instalment of other fees are payable at the beginning of September. 

  • £1,050: Full Fees, payable in three instalments (includes the Registration Fee)
  • £100: Registration Fee.  This is available to applicants in receipt of a means-tested benefit such as job Seeker’s Allowance, council-tax or housing benefit, Working Families’ Tax Credit, etc
  • £550: Half Fees are payable for those students over 60 years and not receiving a means-tested benefit (includes the Registration Fee)
  • £5,350: International students

Please note that you would not be eligible for any Advanced Learner Loans.

How can I find out more?

You can visit our stall at one of the University of Liverpool Open Days or contact us and we can arrange for you to come in and have an informal chat with a member of the Go Higher team. We will tell you more about what is involved and what you will get from the programme.

Please email or freephone 0808 100 6060.

"Go Higher was an enjoyable experience and I really looked forward to spending the day in uni every Wednesday. What I found was that both the academic tutors and university staff were so approachable and friendly and really helped to make the idea of studying less daunting. They offered tremendous support and guidance and showed a genuine interest in the student’s development."

- Go Higher alumni

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